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Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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A Honda Pilot SUV is a solid SUV, whether it is tear rubber or used. However a used Honda Pilot may need special care to make it last longer. Get all the tips you need!

If you take the trouble to properly maintain your used Honda Pilot, there is every chance you can use it for many years after purchase. Though the car parts are always easy to find in Nigeria in case of damage, still it would be best if the car could go for a long time without developing any avoidable faults. Honda Pilot is dependable, which is why its usage continues to spur in Nigeria since its introduction. With additional recommended maintenance, you will continue to enjoy your ride without having to fear a breakdown as is usual with some used presents these recommended ways to keep your used Honda Pilot always running smoothly whenever you are on the road.

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A Honda Pilot is reliable, buy you must know how to care for it

1. Clean exterior and interior

The appearance of your car should always matter to you. Try to maintain beautiful car exteriors and interiors because the cleanliness of your car says so much about it, it also keeps it healthy.

Wash your car in way that the paint doesn’t wear off. If you feel you don’t know how to wash it right, give it to a professional car washing service; good thing they don’t charge a fortune in Nigeria. Avoid things that can give your vehicle any scratches; scratches on a car body give it an old appearance and you don’t want that for your used Honda Pilot.


You can wash at home or use a service

In maintaining the exterior; wax it once or twice a year. If you don’t know how to do this, give it to professionals. While you are grooming the exterior, don’t neglect the interior. Let the interior of your Honda Pilot have that fresh smell. Get rid of any food or beverages spilt inside the car as things like that can cause bad smells and stains, leading to damage of the car seats and interior decor. Always use the proper car wash detergent to clean your car and also don’t neglect the functions buttons on the cabins as dust can prevent them from functioning properly. Also don’t overlook the mat on the car floor and the seats.


A clean car is healthier and also maintains its resale value

2. Car Service

Most Nigerians take their car for servicing only when they notice a problem with it; this is ill-advised. You don’t have to wait till your car is damaged or develops a problem before taking it for a mechanic’s attention.

You should service your Honda Pilot once or twice a year even though it has no obvious faults. When servicing your car, car issues which are on the threshold of arising will be detected earlier and fixed; this is called preventive servicing as it helps to prevent future damage which could have led to costly repairs.  This is one important way of making that used Honda Pilot run smooth on the road and many car owners are neglecting it.

Be sure you have a solid mechanic for your used Honda Pilot. Find and always use the services of a professional who knows all the latest auto techs; when you find a good one, stick to him/her.


Find a good center for your Honda Pilot

3. Oil Change

This is should be a prominent part of your used Honda Pilot maintenance routine as it is another great way to keep your Honda Pilot operating smoothly like a new one. Always change the oil of your car whenever you notice it is turning from golden brown to black; though you actually shouldn’t wait that long. Leaving contaminated oil for too long in your car can damage and the affect how the engine works,  leading to a major engine shutdown. The best way to always stay on track and not forget your car oil is to always log the day you changed it on your phone or a calendar as a reminder and this could be every three months or after running 3000 miles (whichever one comes first ); by doing this you are giving your car engine the best  treatment.


Oil change should be regular

 4. Change tires

Make it a duty to check your tire pressure once a month to ensure that it is okay, and that your tires are properly inflated according to manufacturer reccomendations. Many drivers only have their tire changed or checked when they noticed that it has flattened a little. Making this part of your car care routine gives you an even ride while improving your fuel efficiency.

While checking the tire and its air pressure, inspect the wheel condition to know if you need a replacement. A way to check if your car tires condition are standard is through a small test when driving. When on the road, to detect any tire issues, try to determine if your car is driving in a straight line while you take your hands off the steering wheel for a few seconds.  Be sure you are doing a very low speed. When the tire is not running in a straight line, it could lead to the tire wearing off quickly and causing additional damage to the wheel; it can also be a cause of a road accident.

5. Change Oil Filters

When changing your Honda Pilot engine oil, don’t fail to pay attention to the oil filters too. You should consider changing it to enable the new oil to run smoothly too. Just like the way you keep count on your next oil change, you should track the oil filter change date also. You can’t imagine how this simple task can get your used Honda Pilot to function as new for a long time. How to do it? After locating the oil filter, remove the old one, before replacing with a new filter; make sure you lubricate it with engine oil before putting it in. If you don’t know how to do this, the services of a mechanic will always resolve it.


You might need to leave an oil filter replacement to a pro

6. Check the light

Check the condition of your Honda Pilot headlights and taillights. Sometimes these lights maybe burning internally without you realizing it. The burns could melt and cause more damage to the other car parts.

7. Brake fluid

Sometimes the brake fluid in your car may need replacement and neglecting this can lead to further damage and accidents too. You should have your car’s brakes and pads checked whenever you take your car for servicing so your Honda Pilot remains safe. When driving you should listen and watch out for any difficulty in operation; this helps you determine the condition of your brakes. When your brake fluid is replaced or checked, it takes off moisture while leaving your brakes free of any rust, corrosion and further damage. Though there are recommendations from experts that brake fluids should be replaced every two years or after 24,000 miles, its best to replace it when you have your next visit at your auto center, or let your car technician recommend time for you.


Brake fluids don't need to be changed too often

8. Excessive sunlight

Although, our cars are meant for outdoor activities and can’t be constantly shielded from the sun, when you are not driving your Honda Pilot, you should shield it from excessive sunlight. You can either park it in a shade or cover it up; this is another way to protect its color.

Following these tips will keep your used Honda Pilot tip top for a long time.

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