Follow these tips to maintain car wheels in Nigeria!

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on March 16, 2019

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Check out the top 4 of our best and recommended ways to take care of your wheels in Nigeria as you commute via the ever-rugged roads. See them here now!

Everyone here at loves seeing good metal or alloy wheels on vehicles. But we only admire and give credit to drivers that take extra care of their wheels.

Any car owner or driver in Nigeria would agree that the tires and wheels are the first part of a car that gets dirty on our Nigerian roads. Many times, you even see people treat their cars to an expensive car wash but on driving home after the clean wash, you see their vehicles already stinky in the dirt again from the ever flooded and always dirty roads.

Even though the tires are like the “leg” of a car, the wheels are definitely like the “bones” of the so-called legs and they really need good care. So, the question now is: How can you take care of your wheels?

Here are our 4 tips to maintain car wheels in Nigeria:

1. Don’t overspeed always

To keep your car and its wheels in good shape, try to avoid over speeding unnecessarily.


Over Speeding is not only bad for your wheels but also risky for your life

Just as we have earlier described the wheels as the “bones” of your car’s legs (tires), you should avoid using it carelessly by speeding too much and braking abruptly when you hit a bump or pothole on the road. Doing this will not only affect your wheel but can also put your life in danger.

2. Avoid overloading your car

This is very common with Nigerian drivers, they often confuse a passenger-suited commuting car for a van. Every vehicle has been made for specific purposes, they are not all multipurpose like we do treat them.


Don't know why people can load this amount on car!

Whatever heavy load that is above your car’s weight limit, do not force your car to carry it. You should know now that when you overload your car, it is not only the tires that suffer the effect but also the wheels of such car share the pain. Try as much as possible to avoid over-stressing your wheels.

3. Wash your car at least once every 2 days

After riding the car for more than two days, we recommend that you get it washed in its entirety. Washing your car regularly will help you get rid of dirt clumps that normally form and stick on the wheels which can cause early rusting to such wheels.


Washing your wheel regularly will help avoid sticky dirt that can cause early rust

There is currently no vehicle or wheels that are equipped with self-cleaning capabilities yet. So, wash your car by yourself or take it to a nearby car-wash shop and get it a decent thorough cleanup once every two days.

4. Avoid washing the wheels while it's hot

Let us spell it out clearly again; Do not wash the wheels of your car when it is hot.

Even though alloy wheels are the new wave flooding the auto parts market in Nigeria today, many people are not aware that these wheels are not heat-friendly at all.

Whether you are the one to wash the car or you drove to a car wash shop, try to let the car itself cool down for a while before cold water mixed with detergent is being poured on the car. Washing the wheels with this liquid mixture when it’s hot is very bad and unsafe for it.


Yes, isn’t this just short and easy to follow?

Now, that you are more informed about the best ways to maintain your car wheels in Nigeria, we do hope you put all these tips and advice into practice: Do not overspeed, do not overload, do not wash it while it's hot but remember to wash it once every two days. That's all!

Finally, don’t just read our tips, apply them and thank us later!!!

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