7 great tips to keep your car cool in this hot season


Posted by: Henry Egan

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I'm certain you've noticed how high the temperature is these days. These few tips are to help us manage the heat by keeping our cars cool!

High temperatures can be very disturbing and discomforting. Thus, the smart thing to do is try different ways to keep your car cool at all times, especially during hot weather. I remember an incident some time ago that really sparked my interest in this topic; a woman nearly killed her daughter. She left the child in her locked car, parked under the sun, and went off to get groceries from a closeby market. The car got heated up and the child would have died without passers-by who noticed the child was panting and sweating heavily.


Excess sunshine can make your ride a bad experience

This and many more reasons are why you need these tips on how to keep the car cool in summer. What about items and objects that are inanimate? You leave them in the car, they do not talk but they suffer and deteriorate over time due to the effect of the UV rays from the sun. Also, this doesn't help to keep the car clean looking.

1. Some good tips to help keep your car cool in this hot weather

We will be discussing some methods of keeping your car cool. These discussions will cover both precautionary and of course solutions to already hot cars.

1.1 Sunshades

Car window sunshades and window visors help reduce heat inside the car cabin. What they do is prevent the effect of direct sunlight on the car and its interior, effectively keeping out dangerous UV light and heat from gaining access into the car's interior. Generally, sunshades are installed in areas with more exposure to the sun, such as the rear and front windshields. These two areas get more sunlight and are prime spots for heat entry into the car's interior, mainly because of the heat-transmitting power of glass. So you must target those areas more with a  car sunshade.


Sunshades help reduce the amount of the sun's heat that gets into the interior of the car

When you are driving, common sense tells you you don't need a car sunshade on your front and back windshields. You may use sunshades on your rear windshields if it does not limit your ability to see the area behind your car. Most sunshades are translucent and will allow you to see clearly through one side, while the other side is coated with a shiny material that does well at reflecting all the sun rays falling on it, thus directing the heat away from your car.

However, if you are going to park your car for a while and you can't find a spot with some shade from the sun, please make sure you put up your car window sunshade or car window covers, on both front and rear windshields.

1.2. Air conditioner (Ac)

This is a form of solution for an already hot car. A hot car can be cooled by opening all the doors and car windows to reduce heat inside the car, allowing most to escape before putting on the Ac. To use the air conditioner you will close the upper air vents and open the bottom or lower air vents since hot air rises. The car cools faster this way. Once the hot air is out switch back to the upper air vents then cruise.

We advise that you service your vehicle's air conditioner regularly especially during the hot dry season. Ensure that the air filter and refrigeration system are checked and serviced appropriately because a blocked air filter and a low level of refrigerant reduce the cooling efficiency.

For cars without an air conditioning system, it is advised that you roll down all your windows and allow for the natural air currents to help keep your car's interior cool.

1.3. Park your car in the shade

This is arguably the best method of keeping your car cool in hot weather. When looking for a car parking space, people normally look for an easy way out but as much as possible, look out for shaded areas. This way you don't get to experience the delay caused in attempting to cool your car before driving off. One can use the underground parking lot or park under a tree, under a canopy, etc. This way your car is in perfect condition and protected from the scorching sun heat.

If you must park under a tree, please look out for dry and weak looking branches and avoid such trees entirely.


Parking under a shade helps keep your cars interior cool 

1.4. Install solar fans

Solar fans are portable fans that are installed or mounted on car windows. Just as the name goes, solar fans get their power from the sun and have been found to be very effective at keeping the car cool. This is like a counter-attack because instead of the sun warming up your car and making you uncomfortable, the fan is using the energy from the sun to cool the car.

  • Motor no-load current: 300Ma Solar panel power.
  • 0.3W Motor rated speed: 6000rpm this specification goes for as low as 3500 - 7000.

It’s a good bargain to go for solar fans because one will not spend above ₦10,000 to get it fully installed.

The following videos show an example of a branded solar fan called the auto cool. Check it out:

Solar-powered car ventilation system - Auto cool ventilator

1.5 Use reflective car paint

One can change the color of their cars to reflective ones, so during the hot dry season, sharp reflective and cool car colors help direct the sun's rays away from your car, possibly keeping your car cool. Although not all the heat will practically reflect, this will reduce heat inside cars to the barest minimum.

If possible you can also utilize this trick for your vehicle's interior by utilizing reflective colors for the various interior surfaces. For instance, your seat covers, and even the dashboard covers may be made using reflective colors to help reduce the interior heat quotient of your car. 

1.6. Keep the windows down by a bit

This is what most of us already do when we must park our cars for a long time. Keep your windows rolled down by a bit to allow your car to remain relatively cooler when you return. The car window visor was designed for this type of scenario. They are generally made of plastic or tinted glass, allowing you to keep your side windows down and people will still not know. The implication of this is that you can keep your side windows down by a bit and thus allow an escape route for heat already within your vehicle's interior.

Window visors serve as a form of burglary proof

But while doing this ensure you are security conscious to avoid stealing or vandalization alike. Window visors can serve as burglary proof. 

1.7. Install a portable AC 

One can also install a  portable air conditioner for cars so you can move around with fresh air circulation in the car, especially if you are doing a long-distance trip in scorching temperatures


Portable car AC is generally powered through the cigarette lighter port

NOTE: Leather is good at absorbing heat. That's why leather seats are generally hotter when left in the sun. So try to use seat cover for your leather seats to help keep your car's interior cool.


Now you know what you should do when driving through a heatwave in Nigeria. We assure you that these tips will definitely keep the car running sweetly during the hot weather. From the tips given above a motorist can easily choose the best method on how to ensure cool cars in summer, but it also depends on the weather condition or the climate of your location.

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