Tips on how to maintain used Toyota Camry


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Buying and maintaining a brand new camry might cost a fortune. So if you have decided to own one that has been driven by someone before, here are tips on how to maintain used Toyota Camry.

Owning a Toyota Camry in Nigeria is one of the best decisions any motorist can make. Not only because Japanese cars consume less fuel as compared to their German and US counterparts, but because they are pretty easy to maintain (find Top 10 cars cheapest and easiest to maintain in Nigeria). This was probably the main reasons behind the launch of the Camry in the early 1980's. The model has become a sought after automobile for both the old and young in Nigeria. However, buying and maintaining a brand new one might cost a fortune. So if you have decided to own one that has been driven by someone before, here are tips on how to maintain used Toyota Camry.


You can take care of your toyota camry till it starts looking brand new

1. Go through the vehicle manual

Cars always come with an owner's manual. This gives you an insight on what your car does, what to do when you see lights on the dashboard, how to maintain parts of the vehicle and much more. The manual also tells you what kind of engine oil to use. Not all cars require premium high performance engine oil or a 32 psi (used in checking tyre pressure). This will be indicated on the car manual.

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2. Go for routine car servicing

Many Nigerian drivers have this notion that a car should only be serviced when you have a long journey to embark on, or when almost every compartment is literally falling apart. But that's not how it should be. Car experts say that you should get new engine oil for your car after every 4,800 kilometers. Lagos to Abuja is about 760 km. So if you travel from Lagos to Abuja and back two times, Naijauto advice is you should be considering changing your oil.

Once in a while, go to your mechanic or a skilled Toyota specialist to carry out checks on your vehicle. From checking and changing wires, fan belts, spark plugs and fluids to carrying out wheel balances, tyre rotation and alignment checks, the professional should know where to look at to see if a fault is eminent.

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3. Wash your car

This almost goes without saying. If you want to maintain your used Toyota Camry, you need to always keep it clean. You wouldn't want mud clogging your engine and tyres or grease and oils ruining the paint. This reduces the value of the vehicle. So endeavour to wash the car daily - including the tyres, door handles, carpet, seats, mirrors, windshield and parts of the underneath. Do not use so much powdery detergent as they react with the paint and make it scrap off easily. Preferably use liquid soap, water and a rag.

Lastly always listen to your Camry. There are certain sounds you probably haven't heard the car make before, but since it keeps moving you won't bother checking. That is wrong. Endeavour to keep an ear to the ground for squeaking noises or stiffness in certain parts. Once you notice this, do not hesitate to take the car to a Toyota repair store. Follow these tips on how to maintain used Toyota Camry, and you won't regret owning the car for even a minute.

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Kennedy Ilediagu
Kennedy Ilediagu

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