Tips on how to maintain used Honda Accord

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You can bath your car, give it a new name, pamper it and so on. But here are some really important tips on how to maintain used Honda Accord so to maximise it's potentials. Chek out now!

Owning a Honda Accord is one thing, and being able to take care of it is another. When acquiring a new property, it's only wise that you endeavour to take care of it to retain its value and also enjoy the maximum benefits it avails you. This also goes for when you purchase a formerly owned automobile. You can still treat it like your new born baby - bath it, give it a new name, pamper it and so on. In this article, we'll be looking at some really important tips on how to maintain used Honda Accord so to maximise its potentials.

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1. Make necessary changes after driving certain distances

The reason you acquired the used Honda Accord is definitely not to decorate your garage or just own it for the sake of it. You definitely wanted a vehicle that has been tested and trusted, a car that is affordable and doesn't exceed your budget, a unit of your favorite brand, and one that has gotten used to the Nigerian roads. Therefore, you need to make certain changes and replacements after driving it for a given duration and distance.

  • For every 45,000 miles (72,420 kilometres) you go, endeavour to replace the brake fluid and coolant.
  • For every 30,000 miles (49,000 kilometers) you have to check the drive belts and see if they are worn out and needs to be changed. After that distance, you also need to change the spark plugs and your vehicle air filter.
  • Every 8,000 kilometers your car goes (which is about 5,000 miles), add more fluids in their necessary places, check your brakes, tyres and change your filter after.
  • As for the transmission fluid, you can change it after every 90,000 miles (150,000 kilometers).

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2. Listen to your vehicle

The good thing is that the Honda is always made to detect problems and relay to the driver even before he finds a mechanic. If you wish to adequately maintain used Honda Accord, you need to listen to your car. For instance, there are lights and sounds on the dashboard that let you know that you need to change your oil. There are about other codes and sounds that notify you of any necessary change you should carry out on the vehicle.

According to Valley Honda, here are some main codes Honda Accord sends you and what they mean:

Main Codes:


Sub codes:


Other sounds like grinding sounds around the brakes or the wheels can easily be checked. If they are stones clogged up on the wheels, you can simply drive forward and reverse then apply the brakes hard to get them out. However, if they don't come off easy or the sound doesn't stop, then you will have to see a professional mechanic.

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3. Routine servicing

Many Nigerian drivers have a bad car maintenance habit of only taking their cars for routine servicing when they are days away from embarking on a long journey. This is wrong as you will end up spending so much on the servicing due to pile up of problems. Therefore, it's important that you take your Honda Accord for routine checks after every 5,000 miles. Your mechanic will check for leaks, blockage and replace worn out parts.

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Finally, ensure you keep your vehicle clean. The best way to maintain your used Honda Accord's value (asides the listed tips), is to always keep it clean. Wash off dusts, mud, grease and anything that will sore it's appearance. This will have your vehicle looking brand new everytime you step out.

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