10 tips in buying car battery in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Don’t just dash out to buy a new or guaranteed good quality used car battery without knowing these 10 little things. Learn them here now to be well informed!

For now, we have not started listing or selling car batteries here on Naijauto.com but, we sure know one or two things that are very essential to have in mind before buying a car battery.

Apart from the fact that you don’t want to be scammed in the market, you will still be faced with making a choice among a vast majority of car battery brands that you will see as an option when shopping for a new or used battery. This is why we have put out this short piece to get you informed and help you understand car batteries better for best choices.

Tips in buying car battery in Nigeria:

1. There are many car battery brands all over the auto parts market in Nigeria and some expert technician has advised that no brand is directly better than the other just by name.

2. A higher priced car battery does not necessarily mean higher capacity than some other cheaper ones. Rather a higher capacity car battery might mean higher quality even if it’s cheaper.

3. Do not use a salesman’s pitch to evaluate the actual capacity of a car battery. Instead, ask for a battery tester and use it to test the battery you ware buying by yourself or get the shop's technician to do the test for you.


Fake and stolen car batteries are floating on Nigerian market, be careful!

4. Most modern battery testers are made for dual purposes which includes detecting the precise amount of charge that is present in a new or used fully charged car battery as it is as well as also usable for reading the charging capacity of any car battery.

This “charging capacity” is a battery’s ability to accumulate or hold a charge while the vehicle’s engine is running and the vehicle itself has a healthy alternator. It is very important and in fact, the real reason why you should insist that a seller tests any new or car battery you are about to buy in your presence using a battery tester that is in good condition before you conclude the purchase.


A battery tester is an appropriate tool for measuring if a car battery is good for buy or not

5. If the battery tester indicates a measured battery capacity that is not up to 500, please do not buy such a battery. But if the tested capacity you see displayed on the screen of the tester is above 600, just go for it without further questioning.

6. To buttress our point in tip 5 above, keep in mind that a good quality car battery that is rated 75AH is supposed to have a capacity above 600 when tested/read with a tester. If it shows anything less, please don’t buy.

7. Unless the vehicle you drive comes with an engine that has an enormous horsepower specification or a V8 engine type, choosing to buy a 100AH car battery over a 75AH is a pure waste of money. The 100AH is mainly suitable for heavy-duty vehicles and trucks so, buying such for a small sedan or coupe type of car is just a waste. If your car comes with an inline-four or a V6 engine, a 75AH rated battery that reads between 600 and 750 on a tester is perfect for you to buy.


How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter

8. It is advisable you stay away from buying used car batteries. This might probably be the hardest tip/advice to accept for you because used car batteries are mostly cheaper than new ones. Well, the only exception we will give is; if you know precisely when the seller bought the battery and you are sure that it has not been used for too long, you can get it tested and buy it for cheap. But, if you can’t tell how long the battery has been used, please just stay away from buying it even if it's ridiculously cheaper than new ones else you might end up spending more money on charging and recharging the used battery till you get frustrated enough and throw it away.

9. If you are suddenly needing to jumpstart your old car battery before it can be used, then we advise you to start considering to get a new one. It is perfectly fine to jumpstart a car battery a few times but when it starts getting too much, the battery cells will begin to weaken and it never gets better till it eventually loses its entire quality.

10. if you notice that your car battery dies immediately the car engine is stopped, its either you have a bad/faulty alternator or the battery itself the one unable to hold a charge anymore. But in any case, we still advise that you check with your trusted mechanic to diagnose the problem and tell you which is the cause and which one needs replacement. Don’t assume!


As an extra tip;

We recommend that you let your mechanic perform a quick stability test on your vehicle’s alternator first before you begin using any newly purchased battery. This is just to ensure that your new car battery will get a charge that is sufficient enough for it to function properly as well as to ensure that your alternator is in good condition.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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