5 steps for a perfect car ceiling cleaning


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The roof lining is a rather intricate part of the interior, so cleaning it can be a bit tricky. Check these 5 steps to know how you can clean car ceiling yourself!

Are you a perfectionist who just can't stand your car being dirty? Are you a family man who doesn't want your children to inadvertently sniff in bad smells from the stains on your chair or on the roof lining? And need I remind you that the impression that a hygienic car would leave in a lady's mind, especially the one you are trying to invite to dinner? 

Regardless of your yes or no, the importance of car hygiene is simply undeniable.

Unlike the bodywork where you can hose it down with pressurized water was hard as you'd like, you need to be gentle with all the interior details and not just the roof. Cleaning it can be tricky, so we have laid out here some steps and hopefully, you could be able to pull this off instead of getting it to an auto and get it done at a not-so-reasonable price.

a clean car ceiling

Keeping the roof lining clean is to save your health and face

Know the basics

With the lining, you should first know that there is more than one layer to the roof lining.

"Why should I know this?", one might ask. In fact, this is particularly important so that you would not get water permeated into the inner layer. FYI, other than the first fabric layer, there are 2 more that comprise the roof: the fiberglass and the foam, in that order. We need to be extra careful so that touching the first layer would not affect the layers inside, because it's just much harder to clean the inner side once it gets affected, or in extreme cases, you have to change it altogether. 

Step 1

With that said, it's best if you clean the fabric with just slightly dampen fiber cloth (so that it wouldn't leave any fiber yarn) and wipe with gently. And don't use the force you would with your glass table or floor, thinking about skating on thin ice above a lake and you should understand how much force you should apply.

Each wipe should be unidirectional, don't just wipe it arbitrarily, to make sure that dirt is entirely collected. With hard-to-reach corners, you could also use a portable vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out.

Someone cleaning the roof lining of a car

Let the soaked cloth dry or squeeze out excess moisture before cleaning

Step 2

Now that you are done with the first layer, let's move on to the next. To reach the deeper layer, a special kind of product is required. We should mention that each kind of roof lining goes with its own kind of washing, even two cars with the same brand may need different washing product if they're decorated with different lining roofs. Generally speaking, foam cleaner is the most popular. But still, refer to your manufacturer or mechanic for the ideal roof cleaning chemicals.

someone using a black cloth to wipe the roof lining

Make sure to do a straight line so that you wouldn't leave any stain behind

Step 3

If you've chosen and purchased a foam cleaning product, it's time to cover your lining roof with the liquid foam and let it do its job for several minutes before moving to the next step. You will then use another clean fiber cloth and wipe the ceiling again. Dampen it a little bit and squeeze off any excess water beforehand. The movement is unidirectional, just like the way you wash it the first time. And you might be surprised when the cloth gets even darker than the first time you wipe the lining. It was actually all the dirt hidden inside the deeper layers that has been sucked out by the foam. 

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someone wiping the white foam on a car's roof lining

Spread it over the stained areas and let the roof fabric absorb it wholly

Step 4

The roof should look brand-new when you finish the cleansing. If it doesn't, it's time to resort to other methods, home-made solutions. Home remedies such as soap and water work fine under this circumstance. Just make sure you don't use an excessive amount and slow dry the lining when you're done. If there're still some minor blemishes, you can use the degreaser or go back to the foam-cleaning product and do it one more time.

water and a bottle of vinegar

You could use the readily available liquids in any household to clean your roof lining-  water and vinegar

While we're on the matter, let us introduce some other home remedies to use. The home-made cleaning solution consists of only two components - water and vinegar (of any kind). Dip your cloth in the mixture of 75% water and 25% vinegar, squeeze it dry and wash the lining. This is just like how you'd use vinegar on your favorite white shirt, it does wonder with all kind of stains. 

Step 5

What do you think is the most annoying type of stain? Surprisingly, it's not the one that's caused by colored liquid, it's actually...water. That's probably why manufacturers have a specific product line for it and it can be purchased at almost any store. If for some reasons you don't have it, the carpet cleaning solution could be an acceptable alternative.

Someone using lint roller to clean a trouser

A lint roller could come in handy when it comes to getting rid of stains on dark fabric

Next, generously spray the solution all over the stain and leave it there for some minutes before using the vacuum to hoover it clean, go back and forth at the water stains area. 

Final words

The process could be done easier if your lining happens to be black or dark colors. When you've finished cleaning it, you can use a lint roller to get rid of any minor blemish left. And if you've applied all of those methods and some stubborn stains still refuse to fade, time to pay a visit to a local washing shop.

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