Car jerks when accelerating - Check out these parts!

Do you have a car or know of someone whose car jerks when accelerating? These are the parts you should check for the reason!

Any car owner or driver would agree that a car’s engine is a very critical part of the vehicle. The engine must be kept in a good condition in order to have a healthy vehicle. But funny enough, no matter how much care and maintenance you do for your car engine, it is still bound to have some few inevitable issues along the line. Although, proper car maintenance goes a long way in reducing the occurrence of such inevitable issues to the minimal.
One of the nasty situation car owners might suddenly start noticing is when their car jerks when accelerating. recognizes the need to also discuss and inform you about this common issue and have brought out this piece. Read on.

Car jerks when accelerating - Why?

It is clearly impossible to get the solution to any problem without even figuring out what the problem is or what is causing the problem. So, in this article, we will be discussing the various possible causes of this jerking problem. The car’s components you should suspect and pay attention to or get replaced as well as situations that might be resulting in the jerking of your car when you accelerate it. First, you should understand that this jerking problem is one such common problems in both automatic and manual cars. So, do not panic yet if your car is having this issue. Now, let's get to the possible causes and/or car components to suspect and check. Shall we?


It’s embarrassing for some drivers when they experience jerking in the car as they try to accelerate

1. Clogged air filter - the most common reason why a car jerks when accelerating

The air filter is a component in the car that helps to protect the car’s engine from being contaminated by pollutants from the road such as debris dust and dirt. Unfortunately, after a while of filtering against all these particles, build-ups and accumulation of obstructions begins to occur in the air filter itself. If you ever used a nose cover kind of filter or used a white handkerchief to cover your nose and serve as a filter while you walk past an area covered with heavy dust in the entire environment. You will notice later on, as you take the handkerchief off your nose, the accumulated dust that it protected you against will be left on the handkerchief. 

This simple illustration is to let you understand that the air filter in your car over time, accumulate some leftovers of the same particles its filtering and protecting your car engine against. So, when these left-overs becomes too much and your air filter itself has become dirty, your car will start to jerk when accelerating. You need to have the air filter cleaned up properly or replaced with a new one, whichever way you prefer. 
Also, if you have a dirty air filter, apart from your car jerking when accelerating, this dirty air filter will also affect your car’s fuel combustion leading to the bad fuel economy of such car.  

2. Check if you have broken fuel pipes

Did you know about fuel pipes before? If no, fuel pipes in your car system, are responsible for transporting fuel from one end within your car’s engine to another end. They are like the fuel transport system in a car’s engine. So, imagine a situation whereby these crucial fuel transport pipes are broken, will that have a good or bad effect? Obviously, the bad effect should be expected. 


Broken fuel pipes will not only cause a car jerking problem but can also cause a fire in the vehicle

When you have broken fuel pipes, you can also experience such a situation whereby your car jacks when accelerating. And not just that alone, this broken pipe issue could even get worse to the extent of causing a fire outbreak in such a car. Also, the main jerking problem is as a result of the disruption in the fuel transfer as the pipes are broken. Once a fuel pipe is broken, the internal combustion in the engine is liable to many other issues that are of negative effects.

3. Faulty carburetor - another expected reason for car jerks when accelerating issue

To ensure and keep appropriate fuel combustion, the carburetor regulates and blends the proper amount of air and fuel as they go into the car engine’s cylinders. This is a quick summary of what the carburetor does mainly. So, a damaged or faulty carburetor in a car would definitely result in poor performance of such a car. Just like in the case of a dirty air filter like we discussed above, a faulty carburetor will disturb the balance of the fuel-air mixture in the vehicle system thereby causing your car to jerk when accelerating also. If you find out that your carburetor has issues, you should also check the throttle lever, throttle valve, fuel inlet, and the idle jet.


A damaged carburetor in a car would definitely result in poor performance of such a car

4. Look out for polluted injection system, filter, and fuel tank

Your car can face severe problems from dirt or gunk. Car jerking can be easily caused by a polluted injection system, fuel tank or filter. All these will disturb and affect the flow of fuel into the engine of your car. Additionally, your car will definitely jerk when accelerating if it is having insufficient fuel in its system caused by problems with any of the components we have mentioned. You need to have all these components checked and fixed or replaced where necessary.

5. Poor engine tuning - the little-known reason for a car jerks when accelerating

Finally, if you check each of the components we have mentioned above and you found that all of them are clean and without any issues, Naijauto recommends that you should also check your car’s engine. Yes, this isn’t a joke at all. Your engine’s tuning might be the cause of the jerking. 

Honda Civic: Why Does My Car Jerk When Accelerating and Decelerating?

We advise that you have your car sent to a professional mechanic or automotive center to get the engine tuned properly. Few adjustments in a vehicle’s fuel system and the engine is all that is when you hear of engine tuning. So, there isn’t any big deal to be scared of about engine tuning. If your engine is tuned properly, you should expect to not experience any jerking issues anymore and you should also notice a boost in the overall car’s performance.  


Dirt build-up or gunk within the engine is what we have noticed to be the most common cause of this car jerking problem. Nonetheless, we will also recommend that apart from all the parts and components we have mentioned above, you can also check out other car parts like the spark plug to see if they are not the cause of the car jerks when accelerating issue. And if your check and try all possible quick fix but all to no avail, Naijauto strongly advise that you take your car to an automotive center where the experts can help you do a proper inspection and fix. 
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