7 simple things that women think they cannot do with cars


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You, as a woman, run away from a lot of things when it comes to the issue of cars but have you ever tried those little simple things? You'll change your mind after reading this!

Our culture in Nigeria over the years has formed an idea that male and female genders have different roles to play in society. The most common scenario you will find all over Nigeria is that most males do the technical house chores( fixing generator and electricals) while the females do the domestic house chores (cooking and sweeping).

Sadly, this culture reflects in your car maintenance culture as a Nigerian. When it comes to anything car-related, 85% of females have little or no technical knowledge about the maintenance of a car. This is why most women in Nigeria keep getting scammed at mechanic workshops but it can be prevented if only you paid attention more to some basic car knowledge.


You have to learn car maintenance the same way you learnt how to drive

Today, I am talking about 7 simple things that women think they cannot do with cars just for you to read as a female and understand that you can do better with your cars. If you are male, then make sure you share this with your mum sister, a female friend and colleagues just so that we can make our cars have a better life living with females in Nigeria.

Please note: Some men also think they cannot do these things themselves.

Ladies love men that drive cars but they don't want to learn the basics of maintenance because they feel it is complex. I would be explaining all you need to carry out each task and show you it is no big deal at all. 

7 simple things women think they cannot do when it comes to cars!

1. Jump starting a car when it breaks down on the road

Nobody plans for a bad battery day, even the best cars that ladies love disappoint when it comes to battery matters.

This is why you need to always have a jumper cable in your car at all times. Jumper cables are affordable, you get them between ₦2,000 and ₦5,000 at car part stores and malls.


A jumper cable in a rescue action

The jumper cable needs no special knowledge to be used and please, get one thought out of your head. A car battery cannot shock you like the electricity in your home. Feel free to touch the terminals but there is one rule you must follow strictly.

Once the two batteries are close to one another, locate the positive terminals of both batteries then clip the two ends of the red wire on the terminals. Do the same for the negative terminals using the black wire and you can start your car.


A jumper cable in a rescue action

Do not remove the two clips from one battery at the same time. Remove one clip at a time. This ensures that there won't be any spark. Do all these and you are good to go.

2. Changing a flat tyre in without a Vulcanizer's help 

You do not need to waste your money on calling a vulcanizer whenever your tyre is flat and you need to change them. Except in cases where you are wearing dresses that won't permit you to squat.


A flat tyre takes a maximum of 15 minutes to replace if done the right way

You can buy tyre changing kits to prevent you from getting stained and also invest in a very effective hydraulic jack that makes lifting your car easier. Changing your tyre by yourself is a very important skill set you need to have as a lady. Imagine you are on a night trip and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tyre, you have no vulcanizer to call.

One thing you must always take note of is the health of your extra tyre.

Also, losing the nuts that hold your tyres require a lot of strength. You can always put your weight on the wheel-spanner. Just stand on it and force it down towards the loosening direction. 

3. Changing the headlight bulb of a car

The headlight bulb of your car is somewhat technical but it is very easy to understand. If you are a lady that changes the light bulb of your room then you should have no problem changing the major headlight bulb of your car. 


Bulb replacement only gets complex when you can't locate the cap

In most cases, you have to reach for it under the bonnet. There is always a cap you unscrew behind your headlight to gain access to this bulb. You will save some thousands of naira learning how to do this yourself.

It is just as simple as you can see from the tutorial video down below:

4. Making sure a car is ready for a long-distance drive

Preparing a car for a long-distance trip in Nigeria is not something you call your male friends all the time. Some males also call their alleged "alpha male" friends to help them check if their car is fit for going long distances.


The dipstick of every car is easy to locate

All you have to check for is the health of the tyre and make sure every fluid and coolant is at the appropriate level. When loading the car also, make sure the load is not placed in a way that affects your visibility.

5. Driving in the rain

A lot of my female friends park their cars once it starts to rain. Learning how to drive in the rain is no special skill that needs any form of tutoring. It just involves increasing your mental alertness by 3 and reducing your speed by 3. 


Driving in the rain just requires patience and maximum attention

This way, your car can easily stop when you apply brakes and you would also have enough time to react to anything coming your way. Good wipers also are needed here because you have to be able to see even as the showers pour from above.

Also, please note that there are flooded roads out there in Nigeria you need to avoid during the rain.

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6. Monitoring the oil life of a car 

The oil life of your car is what determines when your car is due for servicing. You cannot randomly guess when your car will be serviced next. This is why there is a mileage counter that shows you how far your car has been driven since its last service.

Your mechanic will give you the mileage reading that your car should be serviced and this is what you as a driver should monitor adequately. Once your mileage is approaching the due mileage for service, you should start checking your engine oil level once every week.


New cars make it even easier to monitor oil life 

To check the engine oil, all you have to do is pull out the dipstick and check if the oil is between the minimum and maximum points. Once it is below the minimum mark then you should take your car for service immediately.

7. Analyzing weird noises coming from the car

This is not only a women thing in Nigeria. A lot of drivers like you ignore the weird noises that come from their car. There are some noises you hear that makes your driving very uncomfortable.


Sounds from cars frustrate most of us but we still have to listen

I see cases where different women abandon their cars for their male counterparts to handle because they feel it is beyond them. All you have to do is to analyze the sound and explain to your mechanic over the phone. The mechanic would let you know if you can drive the car to his garage or not.

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This write-up is not in any way saying men are superior over women when it comes to car-related issues. I know a lot of females that know about the working principles of a car better than Henry Ford himself. The majority of women just need to do better. 

At Naijauto.com we care about your sake of driving a car, so you will not only learn about 7 simple things that women think they cannot do with cars but you would also see details on how to maintain every car brand in Nigeria from the common Toyota, Honda, Mazda to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.

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