Wait before you change car wheel size to get it bigger: 5 Reasons!


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The size of the rims is calculated and decided for certain purposes of the cars you drive. You don't change car wheel size for fun, you change it for your purpose!

The shoes in your car are the four tyres that make your car move smoothly on any type of road and they should be taken care of in the best way as possible. You, an aspiring car owner, has probably never thought about why we have different types of tyres for cars even when they all do the exact same job.

Tyres are responsible for quite a number of things you feel and see in your car; traction, grip, handling, appearance, stability and a few other things. This is why I made a list of all the things to know before you change the car wheel size.


Getting bigger tyres is not a crime

Car manufacturers fit tyres that best suit the configuration of the car.

Sports cars, for example, come with wider tyres that give it more grip and traction to handle its powerful engine while large-sized trucks come with big tyres that can allow the car to move on even the roughest type of road because it has longer contact with the ground on which it moves. 


Off-road cars often use bigger tyres for better grip

If at all you are considering a wheel size change, it is most likely going to be a bigger size you are going for. People rarely go smaller in size. You cannot go to the market and buy a bigger tyre to fit onto your car without knowing if it will fit and perform well on your car. There are some basic things to know and that is what you are about to read.

5 things to know before you change car wheel size!

1. The Grip and Traction are affected 

If you drive a car that has a significant amount of engine power that qualifies your car to be called a performance car, then I think you can easily get a bigger wheel size. Bigger wheel size on performance cars gives you better traction and grip. 


Without proper traction and grip, your car will go off the road

If your car is a regular car like a Toyota Corolla with a 4 cylinder engine, then wider/bigger wheels mean you are just stressing your car and it would now have so much rolling resistance.

The performance will drop and it won't accelerate as fast as it used to just because the tyres are too heavy.

2. Bigger Wheels can make contact with the car body and affect braking and suspension

Most times, the bigger tyres start to make contact with the wheel arch, suspension system and brakes just because the manufacturer of the car didn't design the car to work with that wheel size you are fitting. As a result, you cannot upgrade the size of the car tyres.


Tyre touching the car body because it is a wrong size

The body of a car is never stable because the suspension system is active and it makes the car move in an up and down manner as it drives on bumpy roads.

The moment the bigger tyres start to make contact with the under wheel arch of your car, then there is a problem. It creates unwanted noise, which is very bad for the car when you are steering the car.

If your tyre change is going to make contact with any of the three parts I have mentioned, then you should not go ahead with that replacement.

Another thing you can do is to get tyres that have a very low profile.  On the other hand, if you do a perfect bigger wheel replacement on your car, it improves the braking ability.


Low Profile tyres allow you to have bigger wheels easily

3. Increased fuel consumption

Whether the fuel consumption increases in your car after a bigger wheel replacement or not will be determined by the type of car you drive. If it is a performance car, then the increase in fuel consumption will be unnoticed because the car's engine can easily manage the bigger wheels.


This is what smaller tyres will look like

If it is a regular car on bigger wheels, then the extra weight that the engine cannot carry will introduce an increased fuel consumption.

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4. Error in Speedometer reading

Your car's speedometer has been calibrated according to the parts it came with from the factory. Significant changes in wheel size make the speedometer inaccurately reading. The explanation is very simple. 


False Speedometer reading will affect the mileage of your car

With bigger wheels, if your car drives for one minute, the distance it now covers will be more but the speedometer will still take reading based on the smaller tyres that it came with from the factory.

5. Appearance and Ease of getting dirty 

With wider tyres, your car now looks better based on aesthetics but it will get dirty way faster than how it used to be especially if you drive along muddy and dusty roads.


You often see cars with big tyres get dirty easily

This is why trucks with wider tyres have fender flares and protruded wheel arches that act as an extra mudguard for the car.

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Who needs to perform a Wheel Change on a car?

  • Truck/SUV owners that want to drive their car better on bad roads
  • Owners of performance/sports car that have bad grip and handling
  • Anyone that just wants a better-looking car 
  • Lover of aftermarket car rims 
  • Owners of cars meant for drag racing or track racing

The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Wheel Size Change

The recommended wheel size change for any car at all that will not involve any adjustment to the original configuration of your car is the (+) or (-) 1 guide. This means it is best to go 1 inch wider or narrower and 1 inch taller or shorter.


Go bigger or smaller only by one inch

This simply means anything more than an alteration of "1 inch" upwards or downwards is not recommended by the manufacturer. This is why you must go for simple modifications/pimping as recommended by your mechanic when you want to go for way larger or smaller wheels.


You can see that going wider does more harm than good on non-performance cars and trucks/SUVs. Just make sure you are following the 1-inch rule so that your car should be perfectly fine.

At Naijauto.com we care about your safety as a driver, so you will not only learn about 5 things to know before you change the car wheel size but you would also see details on how to maintain every car brand in Nigeria from the common Toyota, Honda, Mazda to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.

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