Top 4 symptoms of a bent tyre rim that needs replacement


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You can't go anywhere with a car that has a bad tyre or wheel. Here are the top 4 symptoms that suggest our rims are faulty and need to be changed ASAP.

Your wheels, as well as tyres, are an important part of your vehicle, and you can't go anywhere with a car that has a bad wheel. A car is usually judged good when its tyres are good for sale of a fairly used car.

But if your wheels are damaged, it can lead to a very unpalatable experience. A bent rim can cause your tyres to a blowout, and can even cause a mechanical problem. Damaged wheels are most likely going to cause a problem with controlling your car which can, in turn, lead to unsavoury consequences.

If you don't know when you are having a bent tyre rim, then read on as Naijauto - your No. 1online sales portal in Nigeria, gives you the top 4 symptoms of a bent wheel indicating that the rims and tyres should be replaced. Here we go!

1. Wobbly steering controls and vibrations

A typical symptom of bent rims is a wobbly steering control of your wheels. These can be considered a “can't-miss-it” sign as it is usually obvious. A shaky and vibrating steering wheel is caused by transmission of the wobbling from the rims through the steering column to the steering. A bent rim causes uneven rotation of the wheels as it makes contact with the road while moving.

This uneven rotation leads to vibration and shakiness in the steering, and you're bound to feel it in the steering column if your front rims are affected and vibrations at the seats if the rear rims are damaged.


A shaky steering wheel is an obvious sign that something is wrong with the wheel!

2. Feels unusually hard to handle

If your car has suddenly become usually hard in controlling or handling, it definitely might be as a result of the bent rim that you have. This is because bent rims usually cause issues like unequal tyre pressures which affect your ability to manoeuvre your vehicle. If it is noticed, a physical check might be needed to confirm this and to quickly correct using the services of a certified mechanic.

3. Noticeable dent to wheels

Bends or damages on a wheel are usually noticeable, but with huge hubcaps or metal hubcaps, the dents can be hard to notice. An easy procedure to confirm damage to wheels and tyres is to remove the hubcaps for checking purposes.

It will be necessary to then check the tyres after removing the hubcaps to ascertain the level of damage. The wheels can be straightened if the damage isn't much or an outright replacement if the damage is much.


Plastic or metal hubcaps can hide a dent that might otherwise be noticeable for a wheel!

4.  Constant deflation of tyres

A continuous deflation of tyres without any assistance by anybody could be a sign of bent wheels. This is because the wheels and rims are designed as a flushed entity with no space in between them. With a bent rim comes the displacement of the tyres that can lead to constant leak making you pump your tyres every few days.

This is a very bad sign as it may eventually lead to a blowout on the highway causing serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle.


Pumping tyres every few days due to slow leak might suggest a big problem with the rim!

Final take!

These are the top 4 signs of a bent tyre tim that Naijauto collectes. Right when you see these symptoms, make sure they are fixed as soon as possible to avoid car crashes or fatal accidents.

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Segun Ogunbiyi

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