Straight pipe exhaust – Definition, Pros & Cons

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on January 11, 2019

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Straight pipe exhaust is an effective performance-boost add-on. So what exactly is it and should you get one? Check out inside now!

Straight pipe exhaust has been one of such fascinating things for automobile enthusiasts and car owners because of its inarguably high-end performance. Providing the least backpressure amount makes the straight pipe exhaust a high-end exhaust system. Even though it is simply a type of pipe which starts from the header in a vehicle, it is still one of the most noticeable admired performance add-ons for automobile lovers. This is why has decided to explore the features and details of this straight exhaust pipe in this article. Read on!

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1. Straight pipe exhaust – What is it?

The classic/normal exhaust system is usually comprised of; resonators which lessen emissions and the sound levels, catalytic converters and mufflers. This is why it is not legal to be using straight pipe exhaust on the streets rather, they are utilized in closed racing paths. Racing vehicle engines enjoy more torque and more horsepower which is provided to them by properly designed and tuned straight pipe exhaust.

When it comes to gas flow, these type of exhaust systems doesn’t hold any sort of boundaries as they are built for racing engines. No catalytic converter or muffler is present in this type of exhaust system, rather the simply comprise of a straight pipe that starts from the header and just goes straight to the air.


Muffler or a catalytic converter are absent in a straight exhaust pipe system

You should expect more noise coupled with extra power in your vehicle if you employ a straight pipe exhaust. And if you want to install this type of pipe on your car, we advise that you think about noise laws and emission laws of your region or area first. This explains why this type of exhaust system isn’t found in most modern, newer cars that are being rolled out. If added, these cars can easily exceed their appropriate emissions level.

2. Straight pipe exhaust – The pros and cons

Since, we have already gave you a brief overview of what a straight exhaust pipe is, now is time to discuss its pros and cons.

2.1. The pros of straight pipe exhaust

Just like we had mentioned earlier that, the high-performance delivered by this type of exhaust system is the main reason why you will see most automobile enthusiast going for it. They provide better fuel economy and more power gains by helping to reduce back pressure in the vehicle’s which they are applied. Nonetheless, the horsepower and torque are greatly affected by size of these pipes which is why care needs to be taken when selecting one. These pipes can also provide a great look when chrome fittings are used to extend them up and dress them as well.

What is straight pipes? - exhaust talk

2.2. The cons of straight pipe exhaust

Even though this exhaust system has lots of benefits, when it comes to flexibility, they are lacking. Because you will need to tune your car according to this exhaust system, the cost can be the first drawback. Expect that piles of the low-end torque will be lost in your car if you did not get the proper pipe size during the mod. You might also be putting yourself in trouble with the loud sound levels that your car will be producing as a result of you employing these straight pipes. This is why these straight pipe exhaust systems is mainly only used by car fanatics.

3. Conclusion

Now, that we have successfully briefed you about the most important things you need to know about straight exhaust pipes, we believe you would consider and weigh the pros and cons before using it. Even if you will be using it in your racing car.

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