3 simple steps to take air out of car tyre

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Tyres make use of a recommended air pressure to enable a smooth ride. If your tyre's air pressure level is above the limit, read this article to know how to reduce it

Car tyres require an accurate amount of air pressure to enable them to run smoothly on the road. This is one of the reasons you should always check your tyre's air pressure to be sure they are adjusted according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Make sure the tyres are inflated with the correct amount of air as it's going to offer driving comfort, better handling, and fuel efficiency.

Overinflating tyres is dangerous. Under this situation, the tye won't be able to perform efficiently on the road. In case it happens, we’ve written down some steps here on Naijauto, to help you take the air out of the tyre in a proper way.

Before manufacturers fixed tyres into the car, they carry out a lot of tests to ensure the tires work efficiently to give drivers maximum comfort and better handling. So, when a tyre is inflated with more air than is recommended, it'll ruin the tyres soon. Not only that, tyres will find it difficult to maintain the right grip on the road. And when vehicles lose traction on the road, it may cause an accident.

Let's quickly see the process involved when letting the air out of a tyre.

1. Locate the valve stem on the tyre

Tyres are fitted with valve stem which serves as a channel for inflating or deflating the air. The valve stem can be easily located and it's attached to the tube of a tyre. The valve has a cap that covers it so that dust and moisture won't get to the entrance of the valve. In other to remove the valve cap, turn it in a counterclockwise direction.


To remove the valve cap, turn it in a counterclockwise direction

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2. Use a pressure gauge

The next step after removing the cap is to check the level of air pressure in the tyre. This is done with the use of a pressure gauge. Here, you place the gauge onto the entrance of the valve stem and then press it. The pressure gauge will tell you through its reading, the exact air pressure inside the tyre. With it, you should know the air inside the tyre is above the correct amount of required air.

3. Press the valve pin

The valve pin is a thin metal pin found inside the valve stem. The valve pin is pressed with a screwdriver. And if you don't have one close by, use any Sharp object to press it. When you press it, air will start to leak from the tyre. That's the proper and safe way to remove air from the tyre. After you're done reducing the air to the correct level, put the valve cap back and tighten it up.

Always make sure the air pressure is at the recommended level to enable you to have a smooth ride on the road.

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