Step-by-step instructions of car scratch removal

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Follow these steps and your car will soon shine again.

As a matter of fact, scratches on your car surface are unavoidable. However, car scratch removal can easily be done by yourself in 5 following simple steps without any special tools.

For starters, to remove scratches from a car, it’s necessary to know full well your vehicle’s paint job. In fact, the car paint is made up of three layers:

  • Clear coat: this is the thickest layer (0.03 – 0.05 mm) that gives the vehicle its glossy shine. Car wax comes over this clear coat.
  • Base coat (color): gives the vehicle its color.
  • Primer: the coat over the bare metal body of the vehicle.

car paint layers

To remove scratches from a car, it’s necessary to know full well your vehicle’s paint job

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Car scratch removal: Step #1

Use soapy water and a clean towel to wipe off any grit and dirt in the scratched area. Remember to remove tag on the towel and jewelry from your hands as well since they can also leave more scratches on your car body.

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Car scratch removal: Step #2

Put masking tape around 1 inch above and below the scratch to keep track of the scratched area because when starting scouring the scratch, it may be difficult to keep an eye on the scratch surface.

Car scratch removal: Step #3

Sand the area of the scratch. On condition that the scratch is deep, feel it with your fingernail. A 3000 grit sandpaper may be enough for this step.

remove scratches from a car

Car scratch removal can easily be done by yourself

Keep in mind that the lesser the number on the sandpaper, the less fine it is, that is to say, 5000 grit paper is much finer than 3000 grit paper. Therefore, if it is not a deep scratch, you might want to have it rubbed off by a 5000 grit sandpaper.

While sanding, you have to sand perpendicular to the scratch. A good tip for you is placing a sponge in between the sandpaper to distribute evenly the pressure you apply on it when rubbing the scratch off.

Spray enough soapy water on the scratch and the sandpaper, and then begin to rub. You should put medium pressure on the scratch. When scratching, clean the scratched area every once in a while to check whether the scratch has been sand down or not. Additionally, do not to sand too deep. Stop your job as soon as the scratch vanishes.

Car scratch removal: Step #4

You just need a fine polish for this step. More ideally, you can use swirl remover and a polish for fine scratch.

Before starting, clean the area with soapy water to avoid new scratches. Apply the polish on a clean micro-fiber towel and rub in a circular motion in order to cover all angles of the scratch. Sometimes, you might need 2 coats of polish.

Car scratch removal: Step #5

Finally, use a paste wax to wipe the polished surface instead of a liquid one so as to fill up any microscopic scratches as well as protecting the clear coat.

car wax

Use a paste wax to wipe the polished surface

Watch this video for more specific instructions.

How to remove scratches from a car

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