5 simple hints for keeping the starter motor durable in a car


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Without this starter motor in good condition, your engine is doomed to stop working. Check out the five simple hints for keeping the starter motor durable in a car!

1. What is starter motor & its function in your car?

The job of the starter motor is pretty straightforward; it is to crank up the engine to ensure it runs on its own. This is possible when there is an electric current being sent by the battery in the car to the starter motor in order to initiate this process. This is often a routine whenever you power on the engine by using the vehicle ignition key. Older cars are known to have hydraulic starter motors which seem pretty well an old technology. But such has changed in newer models. The new models tend to have electric starter motors. To ensure that you maintain the required durability of starter motor, it is important to properly maintain the vehicle’s electrical system.

2. How can we keep the starter motors durable in car?

The starter motors relies heavily on the condition of other electrical components in the car to be functional. Check out the 5 hints for keeping the starter motors durable in a car on Naijauto.

2.1. Cleaning the connectors

There is a connection between the battery and starter motors via series of connector wires. In a possible case of corrosion or dirt on the connector, it will reduce the electric current capability that is usually sent to the starter relay. It will be extremely difficult for the motor starter to generate sufficient power for the engine full cranking up. Consequently, it would destroy the integrity of motor and causes a wear to happen. To avoid this, you need to always clean the connectors.


Maintaining the lifespan of the starter motor is vital to the overall performance of the engine

2.2. Tightening of the Mounting bolts

The mounting bolts are in charge of keeping the starter motor in place. When they become loose, there will be a problem of engagement with the drive of the starter and flywheel. When you notice a grinding sound anytime you attempt to start the car, it means there is an issue with the mounting bolts. It is required of you to inspect the mounting bolts on starter motors at every interval.

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2.3. Cleaning the solenoid

Another component you should be wary of is the solenoid. This is because it is the starter relay of the motor. It usually appears as a small cylindrical object at the top of the motor. A solenoid is attached to the car battery through a positive battery cable. It is just like you are looking at the terminal of the battery. It requires proper cleaning and maintenance on daily basis. Always make sure you rid it of dirt, corrosion or any form of debris.

2.4. Cleaning the terminals

If there is one part of the battery that has a strong reputation for corrosion, it would definitely be the battery terminals. Due to escape of the hydrogen gas from battery acid especially after a long period of usage, these gases will then become the corrosive materials you often see on a battery and its terminals after years of usage. Such corroded terminals weaken the electric current that is being sent from the battery to the starter motor. To preserve the lifespan of the starter motor or even the battery, you should try and clean the terminals.

How To Repair And Clean Starter Motor Maintenance

2.5. Flywheel inspection

A rotating device known as the flywheel provides support for the starter when the engine is being cranked up. There is something at the starter front side known as pinion gear. This pinion gear normally engages with the flywheel for crank up in the engine. That is why the teeth of the flywheel and that of the gear must always be in good condition. When there is a crack with the teeth or cases of missing teeth or wear, the starter will most likely malfunction. What you need to do here is to find a replacement for the pinion gear or the flywheel. When you decide to overlook the bad condition of these components and decide to keep forcing their engagement, it will reduce the lifespan of the starter motor by wearing it out quickly.

Always take your car for checkup if you notice any problem with it. Keep it in mind that proper maintenance not only keeps your starter motor durable but other important parts of your car.

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