Spare tyres: How long do they last?


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Spare tyres are carried in a car to replace a flat tire and not meant to be used for a long time. Read to know how long they should last!

A spare tyre is an additional tyre carried inside a vehicle, to be solely used during an emergency, like a replacement for a punctured or flat tyre.It isn’t meant for long-distance driving neither is it for everyday use. Tyre manufacturers are specific about spare tyre usage.

When it comes to spare tyres, drivers have choices to make. Whether it's going to be a compact spare tyre (also known as donut spare tyre) or a full-sized spare tyre. And each offering different performance.

As pieced on Naijauto, let’s get to find out more about the lifespan of spare tyres.

1. Compact spare tyres

Compact spare tyres are manufactured as small lightweight tyres, to be used for a short time. They are basically thin tyres with little tread and inflated to act as shock absorber for the car when it hits bumps. So, they should be replaced soonest.

Here's what to note about using compact spare tyres

  • Compact spare tyres can only be used to drive at speeds that don't exceed 50 mph.
  • Their driving distance shouldn't go beyond 50 miles.
  • They're not meant to be used on all-wheel-drive cars and four-wheel drive that are engaged.


Compact spare tyres can only be used to drive at speeds that don't exceed 50 mph

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2. Full-sized spare tyres

Full-sized spare tyres are heavier and bear similar resemblance to the normal tyres your vehicle uses. They were being used before they paved the way for compact spare tyres which came as lighter tyres. Full-sized spare tyres aren't used to replace a punctured or flat tire for a longer time.

When using full-sized spare tyres, note this:

  • Don't use them longer than they ought to be used as they have mismatching load ranges and speed ratings.
  • Replace the spare tyre when you notice the tread has worn out or according to the date written on the sidewall.

full-sized spare tyre

The full-sized spare tyre shouldn't be used longer as they have mismatching load ranges

So, how long are spare tyres expected to last?

Spare tyres aren't meant for extended use. They aren't made to withstand bad roads or punctures so they can't last long. The maximum life of most spare tyres is 70 miles and can last from 7-10 years.

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