Solution for the flat tank of Golf 3 and other models that stall on inclined terrains

With this little trick, you make sure that your engine still runs smoothly on fairly inclined terrain with low level of fuel.

There is a kind of car which has a flat tank, meaning this kind doesn’t have fuel reservoirs. Some motorists may find it annoyed because their flat-tank vehicles will experience sudden stalls when traveling on hilly roads. That happens as the electric fuel pump is not supplied with fuel when the tank gets below the reserve level.

This nuisance is popular in the Kia Shuma and even Volkswagen Golf 3 but many car owners don’t know how to deal with it. Many suggest you’d better fill up your tank before the fuel gauge indicates “reserve”. Sadly, we aren’t always attentive enough get the reminder to refuel the cars or the gas stations are not within enough easy reach before you are running out of gas, how can you handle those dilemmas? Here you go, has found a way out, just check it out below.

First, you need to prepare your necessary tools: hose, hose clip, plier, and screwdriver.

  • Step 1: Cut out a fuel hole (having the same length with the hose from the fuel outlet)

Golf 3's fuel casing

Golf 3's fuel casing

  • Step 2: Use a plier to connect the new hose with the return pipe. Afterward, use a clip to tighten it up

Golf 3's fuel pump casing

Golf 3's fuel pump casing

  • Step 3: Set the long return pipe on top the fuel pump’s filter

By doing the steps above, you make sure that your engine still runs smoothly on fairly inclined terrain with low level of fuel as the return will empty right into the filter fixed to the pump.

Please remember, this is just a temporary solution for your low-level fuel tank until you can top it up, you should not abuse this trick to risk starve your car or your engine can break down.

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