5 common signs that your car has a bad fuel pressure regulator

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on May 17, 2019

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Do you know the function of a fuel pressure regulator in a car? Check out these 5 common signs that your car has a bad fuel pressure regulator!

Often times many of the Naijauto.com team members hear some Nigerian drivers complaining about their vehicle’s fuel economy being bad. In this post, we have figured out one component that could sometimes be the culprit for an observed negative/ unfavourable change in a vehicle’s fuel economy.

The above-mentioned component is called the “fuel pressure regulator”. It is usually found in vehicles with internal combustion engines. The device functions exactly as its name implies. It helps to regulate the fuel pressure of a vehicle’s engine system and it does this by simply changing the pressure as at when necessary to fit the vehicle’s requirement in real time.

This device features a sort of mechanical diaphragm which is operated by vacuum in order to adjust the pressure of the engine. However, in most modern vehicles, the electronic version of this regulator device is being used instead.

Nonetheless, both the conventional regulator device and the electronic version have the same function which is to allow and maintain proper distribution of fuel to the internal combustion chambers of any vehicle’s engine. Since it is natural to use a car for varying driving operations which at times put different power demands on the car’s engine, the quantity of fuel also changes frequently with these various demands. This is why a dysfunctional, faulty or bad fuel pressure regulator device can jeopardize the performance and fuel economy of any affected vehicle.

Below are top 5 signs that your car has a bad fuel pressure regulator!

Just like many other parts of a car, the fuel pressure regulator isn’t meant to last forever as well. Throughout the lifetime of a vehicle, the fuel pressure regulator is expected to go bad for once at least. And when this happens, it will surely give some clear signs that we recommend not to be ignored.

Here some of the top 5 signs you might likely notice in such scenario;

1. Black Smoke

This is one of the easiest and obvious signs. You will notice the vehicle’s exhaust producing black smoke frequently. Although, we need to remind you that some other factors might also cause such black smoke too. Just get the car checked for proper confirmation in such case.


A faulty or bad fuel pressure regulator device in a vehicle can cause bad fuel economy and horrible overall performance

2. Leaking fuel

It is a common thing to discover that your vehicle is leaking fuel whenever there is a bad fuel pressure regulator device problem.

It might be a result of worn out or damaged seals on the regulator itself that is causing such leaks. And you will be right to guess that this type of gasoline leak will surely result in poor fuel economy and reduced engine performance as well.


Damaged or worn out Seal of a fuel pressure regulator usually causes fuel leaks and reduced engine performance

If your vehicle is experiencing this type of leakage while you are driving on the road, then you should also be perceiving the smell of the leaking gasoline within the cabin.

3. Engine Misfire

A vehicle experiencing engine misfire is as a result of fuel-air imbalance situation at the internal combustion chamber of an engine. This is often caused by a bad or failing fuel pressure regulator device.

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4. Sudden low fuel efficiency

With all of the above-described problems of fuel-air imbalance and oil leakage associated with a bad or failing fuel pressure regulator device, it is most certainly obvious that the fuel efficiency in an affected vehicle will be drastically reduced as a result of all that.

When the fuel pressure regulator is faulty or malfunctioning, it will be sometimes causing too much of fuel being supplied to the internal combustion chamber and sometimes not enough fuel. All of which will tell on the vehicle’s overall fuel economy change.

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5. Weak Acceleration in vehicle

Weak acceleration in a vehicle is one of which we consider as among the worst consequences of a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator device.

You will realize that no matter how hard you pump the gas pedal; the vehicle can’t just seem to go faster at all.

Once you begin to notice any of the above signs, its very much advisable that you get your vehicle checked by an expert mechanic to be sure that it is truly the fuel pressure regulator device that is actually bad.

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