6 signs to know if your car windscreen needs replacement


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How do you know and what are the signs that indicate your car windshield is getting bad and needs to be replaced?. Read this article to make sure you don't miss these signs.


The car windscreen plays an essential role in all vehicles, it is one of the first things that capture one's attention when looking at your car. More importantly, the windscreen is responsible for your sight while driving. Thus, it is important that you keep your vehicle's windshield in perfect condition all the time. A flawless windscreen would not only add to your vehicle's aesthetics but would also guarantee clear vision while driving, helping you avoid unnecessary problems that might result from poor vision.

Of course, we need to try our best to keep the car windscreen in the best condition. Nevertheless, the windscreen happens to be one of the parts of a vehicle continuously exposed to numerous objects carried by air. These airborne objects are capable of pitting, chipping, or cracking the windscreen. Broken car windscreen caused by these objects can be repaired in some instances, however, some damages are just beyond repair. 

Our environment also plays a role in the lifespan of your windscreen, extreme weather conditions may not be responsible for the cracks and chips on your windshield, but they're capable of worsening them.

Although it could be pretty difficult predicting if your windscreen needs replacement, many car owners willfully ignore the obvious signs. This article is focused on the signs, hints, or clues that'll enable you to decide if you need a car windscreen replacement.

Signs to know if your cars windscreen needs replacement

1. When you do not trust the clarity of your view through the windscreen

This is by far one of the most critical factors that will tell you it's about time you replaced your windshield. When you begin to question the integrity of your windshield especially when it comes to a distorted and obstructed view of the road and immediate environment, then it's time you replaced it with a new one.

This distortion and obstruction of view may be down to chips and cracks showing up on your windshield as a result of the regular interaction of the windscreen with debris and sharp object that strike it when we drive. So when these cracks are conspicuous enough to distort or obstruct your view, then a replacement windshield is needed.


Crack lines across a windshield can distort a drivers view of the road

2. When a crack blocks the driver's line of sight

Occasionally some repairs could be enough to tackle some cracks and chips that appear on a windscreen. However, it should be noted that any damage or crack no matter how small located along the driver's line of sight or at any important area of vision should not be repaired and a full replacement is recommended. 

Location of damage is important when trying to decide whether to repair or replace. Repairs done at the driver's line of sight are not safe, your vision could be skewed. It is also advised not to repair cracks and chips located at the edges of your windscreen. Repairs done at these areas could weaken the entire windscreen.

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Please make sure to replace a windscreen immediately the driver's side is cracked up like this

3. When the damage on a windshield is excessive

One to three cracks or chips on the windscreen could be subjected to a repair with the condition that they aren't around the edges of the screen or along the driver's line of sight. However, when the windshield is damaged severely (more than three is regarded as too many), it is not wise to keep repairing, rather going for a replacement windshield is the best option.

A windscreen that has been subjected to numerous cracks and damage points no matter the size should no longer be repaired but replaced. Continuous repair would make the screen excessively weak, which could cause it to shatter without prior warning.


A windscreen replacement is needed when this happens

4. When white haze begins to appear on the edges of the windshield

A specially prepared plastic called Polyvinyl Butyral(PVB) is always applied on all windscreen. This allows the windscreen to avoid shattering into several pieces in an event of a high impact frontal crash or accident. This material helps in absorbing a good amount of the impact force and will thus deform on impact thus protecting the glass from excessive impact energy. The implication of this is that the occupants of such vehicles are protected against broken glasses that may pose a considerable risk of deep cuts and other injuries. 

Thus, when white hazes begin to appear at the edges of the windshield, it is a clear indication that the special plastic is beginning to separate from the windscreen. This is very dangerous for you and fellow occupants of the vehicle. The PVB separating from the windscreen means numerous small pieces of glasses could move directly to you and fellow passengers in the event of an accident.

The appearance of white hazes on your windscreen should never be underrated. It could turn out to be something that would cause more harm than you would have ever imagined.

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5. When some part of a windshield is missing

Although this is a very obvious sign, it is shocking to know that for some reasons, many car owners still ignore this or try to invent their very own remedies. A good example is when tapes are used to replace missing parts of a windshield.

Alongside the protective function that comes with a windscreen, it also helps to maintain your vehicle frame. So when missing parts are noticed on a  broken car windscreen, immediate windshield replacement is needed and failure to do so could cause damage to your vehicle's frame.

6. When there is evidence of pitting noticed on the windshield

Drivers who occasionally use damaged roads or high traffic roads have a very high possibility of being exposed to airborne debris, rocks, stones, etc. When these objects keep coming in contact with your windscreen, over time this would lead to pitting.

Pits on windscreens are quite dangerous because they scatter reflected lights which would make a driver's work difficult, as his vision of the road will be seriously impaired due to the scattering light rays entering his or her eyes. Pits also stop water from flowing perfectly on windscreens or from clearing up quickly. All of these are capable of skewing a driver's view of the road and may thus result in an avoidable incident. Evidence of pitting should never be handled with levity as the consequence might be too severe, and thus a replacement is required as soon as possible.  


Tiny pits on a windshield can scatter the light reaching the driver's eye and distort his view


Signs and clues for a replacement on our windscreen should never be downplayed. It is very important that our windscreen stays flawless and perfect, in order to not only increase driver's safety but also to add to his vehicle aesthetic features.
It is also necessary that this replacement be done by qualified and trusted personnel. It'll be heartbreaking having an improperly installed windscreen.

But before we go, you might need the information in this video regarding windscreen repair or replace a broken car windscreen.

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