When should I shift gears for a better fuel economy?


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Driving on the road and achieving a better gas mileage is what every driver desires. Here's how you can shift gears to better fuel economy for your vehicle!

Getting a better fuel economy when you're driving on the road is a bonus. Yes, it's a great feature that'll save you fuel and of course, money. Every driver would want to achieve a better gas mileage and this is going to depend more on driving pattern than on what the car promises. To give an instance, when you ought to shift gears is a necessary determinant for measuring fuel economy. Now, Naijauto will explain when to shift gears for a better fuel economy!

Let's see how your driving pattern can help you save fuel.

1. What is RPM & its impacts?

In order to drive efficiently and at the same time economical in the usage of fuel, it’s important you maintain a low revolution per minute. It means that when the rpm is low, one can achieve a better gas mileage. Here’s why: the lower the rev, the lower the friction between the engine's parts.

Driving in the first gear, also known as low gear, will increase revolution per minute to the highest, thereby producing less fuel economy. On the other hand, driving in the fifth gear will reduce the revolution per minute which will give you a better fuel economy.


Driving in the fifth gear will reduce the RPM which will give you a better fuel economy

2. Fuel efficiency and engine load

The engine load also affects your car’s fuel efficiency. The load is likened to opening the throttle body. When the engine has a small load, the throttle isn't being used. Here, the engine will have to work more in other to pull in more air from the partly opened throttle body.

Conversely, when the throttle body is widely opened, it's going to make the intake air more available to the engine. It implies that heavy loads will make the throttle body open wider and this will, in turn, give better fuel economy.

3. When should you shift gears to achieve better fuel economy?

Shifting gears to get a better fuel economy is achieved by driving at a high load (the throttle body is widely opened here) and keeping a low revolution per minute. However, there's a limitation. If you change the gear too early, you exert pressure on the engine thereby lugging the engine. To prevent this from happening, accelerate when your revolution per minute (RPM) is above 1500. That's the trick to saving fuel whenever you're cruising on the road.

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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