5 secret products that will make your car feel brand new under ₦5,000


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There are products that make your car feel like new under ₦5,000. Read on to discover which are they!

It is inevitable that after using your car consistently for over 10 years, the performance and looks start to fall below the standards as at when you bought it. This is just the normal phenomenon of ageing that happens with human beings and it is also why you must take care of especially used cars in a special way.

In Nigeria, 80% of the people are buying 'Tokunbo Cars' that have been used abroad for over 5-15 years and that is just a lot of ageing if you ask me.


Saw this old Benz looking so clean in Lagos...awesome!

Today, I want to tell you 5 secret products that will make your car feel brand new under ₦5,000 in different aspects. You can call these products enhancers and their effects don't last long so you have to keep repeating the process at intervals I will state in this article.  

Most of these products are below 5k per quantity, your total expense now depends on how many you will need at different intervals.

5 secret products that will make your car feel brand new under ₦5,000

1. Fuel Additives

Additives are liquid products that you pour into your engine/fuel tank to enhance the performance of your car as it ages year in year out.  I have a list of additives that will help you boost the performance of your car so it can perform like it did when you first bought it.


You have probably been told to buy one before at the filling station

Over time, I have taken note of the additives that work because we have a lot of empty performance additives out there on sale so here we go. Valve Clean, Octane Booster and Speedtech from any reputable brand will shoot the performance of your engine from 0 to 100 every time you use it on your car. 

However, you should be careful with additives because when you use them too much on cars that aren't high performance normally, it starts to weaken some parts. Using them once every month is a very good way to help your car feel brand new. 

2. Tyre Polish 

Your car tyres look better whenever you wash them because they become black and they bring out the total beauty of your car. However, over time your tyres are no longer black when you wash them. The specks of dirt you ride on daily makes your tyre lose its signature deep black colour and the tyre now starts to look faded which is part of what makes your car tyre not last long. This is the reason why you need to maintain your tyres.


When your tyre is fading...get a polish to bring it back to life 

With a tyre polish, you can make your 4 tyres look very dark and the polish comes in different forms. There is the homemade tyre polish that you can make with sugar, oil, vinegar and other ingredients. There is the wax form polish you can buy at about ₦3,000 that you apply with foam. There is the spray polish you can just apply directly onto your tyre after a wash. 


Yep! see how it is shining like new

Black tires are the soul of a car, keeping them black makes your car feel brand new every day. 

3. The Correct Fluids and Coolants 

I'd just tell a quick story to help you understand this part. 

A friend of mine drives a 2011 Lexus RX350 and he complained at a social gathering about how his brake doesn't feel like the way it was when brand new even after replacing the worn-out brake pads with authentic ones. A mechanic at the gathering asked him what brake fluid he was using on his car and it was a dot3 brake fluid he was using at the time.


When you don't use the right fluids, your car gets problems

He was advised to switch to a Dot4 and the result was amazing. To date, he has been dancing all around with the good news.


The right fluid and coolant are not expensive...stop damaging your car

The point of this story is that you must always use the recommended fluids and coolant for your car if you want it to always feel brand new. No cutting corners on fluids and coolants will make your car remain in the best and optimum condition ever. 

4. Car Wax

Waxing a car is a practice that a lot of Nigerians haven't understood yet and nobody seems to be doing it enough on their cars but maybe that will end today. I want to help. 


Waxing your car is a magic trick that works all the time 

Waxing a car is the act of applying products to your car's exterior panel/painted area that will make allow it to be fully protected from the harsh conditions that your car faces every day from weather to dust, to contaminated water and others. 

Waxing a car is cheap if you can learn how to do it by yourself. Just imagine you started waxing your car at least once every month from when you bought it till now, the paint on the body will still appear brand new today if you tried to keep the car dent-free. 


Waxing brings out that shine you didn't know was there 

This just means the resale value of your car will be retained up there and will also attract a lot of eyes when you drive anywhere. Everybody loves a brand-new-looking car. 

Car waxing could be done manually or with a buffing machine, anyway dimming fit for you is fine but the manual one is more labour intensive and time-consuming. 

5. Cleaning Gel 

A cleaning gel is a putty-like material that helps you get rid of any form of dent that has stuck onto your car air vents. Air vents are very difficult to reach when cleaning a car.


This is what a cleaning gel looks like

Over time, this debris gathers on the air vents and it makes the plastic lose its colour and original form which is a sign of ageing.

With this gel, you just have to plug it in and move it all over till it takes out the first and any unwanted materials from your vent. 


Now that you know about 5 secret products that will make your car feel brand new again under ₦5,000 in different aspects, you should endeavour to buy these products and enjoy the full potentialities of your car from time to time until you sell it off. 

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