Amazing steps of removing rust from your car without wielding


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Removing rust from the metallic surface in your car could become severe if not properly monitored and fix at the earlier stage. Click here to see how you cab fix it right away.

There is high possibility that you encounter rust in any part of your car since it happens due to contact between the bare metal and water. It can be from splash when you drive over pot hole with water deposit or several other ways. One thing is certain, if you do not pay attention to it, the rust will engulf larger part of the car and put more financial burden of repair on you. You do not need to allow it getting to point where you might need to change the sheet before fixing it by yourself.

Once you have the right material and knowledge, you can do it by yourself without allowing this rust to impair the structure of your car.

To remove rust from your car, make sure you have the following items: sandpaper, eye protection, glove, spray-paint, hammer, dust mask, filler, rust remover, undercoating, body patch and adhesive remover spray.

Here we go!

Step 1 - Rust Removal

This is when you will need to use adhesive removal spray to remove the rust on the surface. Do not apply it on places not affected. Use it on the surface where you intend to treat in order to remove dirt from wax or even oil from the surface. This will prevent any form of contamination on the metal underneath.

Take your sandpaper especially an 80-grit paper and start using it on the rust (either front or back side of the metal). Do not expose your face when you are doing this. Make sure you wear your dust mask for safety. Avoid touching places that do not have rust issue.


If the case of rust is severe, you should probably replace the entire sheet of the car

Step 2 - You can now fill the area

After you are through with sanding the region, you need to make use of the hammer to flatten the surface and then add filler to make the panel stronger. You can use rust reformer now to remove residue of rust especially after sanding. This will make the surface very easy to paint. After which, you then add undercoating.

You can also use body patch to fill the hole. You can only apply the adhesive remover to mop up the area after you must have used the filler and the body panel.

How to repair rust on your car without welding

When the area is clean, apply body filler and don’t be too worried about the appearance of the filler on the surface. Its job is to make it stronger. You can finally decide to opt for gold filler which will give you a smooth surface.

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Step 3 - Smoothen the surface

After the filler has dried up totally, you can now move to the next step which is application of sand to the edges and surface of where you are working now. You can begin this process by using 80-grit sandpaper before progressing into 180-grit sandpaper. This will allow the surface to be smooth and integrate well with other parts. You must make sure the surface is felt especially for bump in case it is not smooth. You can give it a perfect smoothness by reapplying the sandpaper and blow off the dust when done.


If you fail to wipe off water splash from the metallic part of the car, there is tendency of rust to occur

Step 4 - Time to paint the surface

Once you have successfully achieve the desired smoothness you want on the surface, the next step is to paint the surface with matching colour with other part of the car. Do not make of buying paint that doesn’t match the exact colour on the other part. To do this, apply primer first before you apply the paint. It is however advisable you take it to paint shop because of the technicalities. It will be cheaper now since you have done the major work by yourself. After the painting is done, the spot will look as if nothing ever happened there.

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How to remove rust from the car without wielding

Your car is good to go. No more spending lots to fix simple problems. Remember, if the problem is severe, it is better you replace the whole part.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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