8 easy ways to remove smell and stain of fuel from your skin and clothes


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Fuel stain can be stubborn to remove and it gets worse when they leave that pungent smell on our skin. Here's how we do it right to get rid of this nuisance!

Have met some people that throw up whenever they inhale the smell of petrol anywhere? If you haven't, just know they exist. People react to the smell of common fuels like petrol and diesel in different ways.

The annoying thing about the smell is that it lasts long on surfaces it comes in contact with. The palms of our hands, our skin and clothes are the common surfaces where we don't the smell.

Also, these fuels stain our clothes strongly. This is why today, I want to show you how to remove stain and smell of fuel on our clothes, skin, and other things it can possibly affect.


Diesel stain on a shirt 

Just like every other important car-related hacks you have learnt on this platform, you would also find this easy as long as you make it to the end of this article. 

How to remove smell on your skin or clothes

The nose is very sensitive to the pungent smell of fuels that it can be detected even if the smell is just one part per million air that you are inhaling. It causes a running nose for some people also.

When you inhale fuel, the fumes enter your body and get absorbed in the bloodstream and this reduces the oxygen that your organs should have access to. This is why you must always get rid of the smell when it spills on any part of your body. 

Here are the proven ways on how to remove petrol and diesel that spills on your skin:

1. A mixture of Water and Lemon juice

Mix equal parts of natural lemon juice and water then use it to scrub the part of the body the fuel is present. Wash off with only water after 2 minutes then wash with soap and you are healed.

2. Use of Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer we have been using to battle Covid-19 can take out the smell of fuel if it is on the palms. Rub the sanitizer for 2 minutes straight then wash with soap and water.

3. Use of  White Vinegar

A vinegar solution takes out the foul smell of fuel from your body. Rub the vinegar on the affected area for two minutes then wash off with soap and water.

4. A mixture of Salt and Detergent

Mix 3 tablespoons of salt in water and use that salt solution as the water you use in rinsing your hands as you wash with detergent. The salt will help exfoliate and get rid of the fuel's smell.

5. Use of toothpaste

Using toothpaste as detergents to wash the affected areas also removes the pungent smell of fuel on your body.


Any type of toothpaste works

Make sure you never touch your eyes with your hands when it has been exposed to a fuel spill. If fuel enters your eyes or its environs, it will be difficult using any of these 5 methods above to wash the fuel smell off.

How to remove fuel stains on clothes and fabrics

When fuel, especially diesel, gets spilt on fabrics, it stains the fabric because it has strong chemical components that react with the fabric materials. This reaction also weakens the fabric and if the fuel is not taken out totally, that fabric would start tearing apart when it comes in contact with any small force.

Here are the proven ways to get rid of fuel that spills on your clothes/fabrics:

1. A mixture of Baking soda and Vinegar

These two compounds are natural deodorizers meaning they neutralize the smell. What you would do is that you first sprinkle the baking soda on the fabric and let it sink in for 2 minutes. Then spray vinegar on the affected area as well.

The vinegar will take out the smell as it evaporates while the baking soda will act as a detergent. It is best to let the vinegar remain on the fabric for 20 minutes then you can now wash normally.

2. Use of Mouth Wash

The medicinal mouth wash like 'Listerine' that you use to battle bacterias in the mouth is very effective in killing the stain and odour that fuel leaves on your fabric. Just sink the affected area in the mouth wash for about 10 minutes then go ahead to wash the fabric normally

3. Use of Coke

Coke is an active degreaser that automotive technicians use every time to tackle a nut/bolt that won't easily loosen. Combination of Coke and baking soda is very effective in taking out fuel stains and odour from your fabric. 


A proven mixture that works all the time


You have just finished our post on how to remove stain and smell of fuel. You should no longer have a problem-fighting fuel stain/smell as you made it to the bottom of this article. Naijauto.com is always ready to help you tackle all the problems that arise from any automobile related activity.

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