How to remove car rust with Coca-Cola

By Kennedy Ilediagu
Publish on June 28, 2019

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Corrosion is one of the biggest issues car owners face everyday! Naijauto have discovered how to remove car rust - with Coca Cola, see more here!

Cars rust when they are left in the open space with no protection or cover. Rain, moisture, humidity, air and other environmental factors act on the exterior of the car and the iron it's made with and the vehicle starts to rust. It can be a horrible sight. It leads to a significant drop in the car's value.

When this happens, it prompts you to action as you would seek ways to remove the car rust. Most of the time, the first solution that comes to mind is repainting. In as much as this isn't a bad idea, it is usually expensive. You won't want to spend over 50,000 nairas repainting your car because of a small rusted area. Now, you might be wondering what other alternatives are there to remove car rust. Well, you can use Coca Cola. Yes, the same one you drink. But before we go into that, let's give you a few tips on how to prevent car rust.


You can clean rust off your car using fizzy carbonated drinks like coke and lacasera

1. How to prevent car rust

To prevent car rust, you need to, first of all, understand what it means.

Rust, simply put, occurs when iron has been exposed to moisture. This moisture acts with oxygen for a period of time and iron oxide is formed. This iron oxide is the rust which is brownish in color. It eventually makes the metal or iron weaker. Since you cannot control the oxygen or air around your vehicle, at least you can control the amount of moisture it's exposed to. Protect your car against bird droppings, dirt, dust, sun, rain, dew and so on. In summary, keep your car covered with a large tarpaulin or in a garage - especially if you intend not to drive it for a long time.

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Another way to prevent rust is by getting a rust brush.

Once you notice slight rust accumulated on any area of your car, quickly scrub it off. If you have a color spray that is the same color as the vehicle, use it on the area. However, If the rust has gone deep, then you might consider getting a rust converter. Some of these items might not be found in your regular mechanic shop. You'll have to place an order online or go to the high-end shops to purchase them. An example of the rust converter is the 3M rust converter and primer sealer. Once you apply it in the area where the rust has occurred, it creates a layer that makes the spot smoother. Once dry, you can apply paint or wax quickly.


Cars left in an open space without any protection are susceptible to rust

Talking about painting quickly, yes you can paint the rusted region. Once you notice a sign of rust, you can buy a paint spray and apply in the region. It further prevents the corrosion from spreading to other areas of the car. At the same time, the pain acts as wax and a sealer over the car. Making it difficult for moisture and oxygen (which caused the rust in the first place) to penetrate easily. Though if you can afford to, endeavor to paint your car every once in a year. It not only prevents this corrosion but makes the car more appealing and boosts its value.

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2. How to remove car rust with Coca Cola

All that said, let's delve into the main discussion on how to remove the car rust with Coca Cola. A lot of people may have discovered the amazing removal abilities of the world's most popular fizzy drink. It can remove grease stains from clothes, toilet, and metal. Well, the same way it removes these stains, it removes car rust. Here's how.

Coca Cola is a carbonated drink. The carbon reacts with the iron oxide to destroy the corrosion. Once this is done, it makes the area smooth. You can try this by pouring Coca Cola above a rusted area and leave for a while. You'll notice that the rust can then be easily scratched off. Furthermore, Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid. This compound, just like the carbon, dissolves the rust as well. Then finally, the citric acid clears stains.


You don't need a special treatment for the car rusk, just coca cola can work wonder

All you need do is get a sponge or a foil, spill the Coca Cola on it or on the rusted area then scrub gently. The rust starts to come off almost immediately. Carry out this measure on every other area where the rust is till they come off.

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We advise that you use Diet Coke instead of the regular sugar coke. This is because the latter gets sticky and you are likely going to spend another time wiping it off. Keep scrubbing till you get the level of clearness you seek. Afterward, wipe with little soap and water. The main reason Coca Cola is used is that it's more common and easy to find than other fizzy drinks. But you can actually use Lacasera or any carbonated fizzy drink you have access to in your area.

Video: Washing a rusty car with Coca-Cola

So, that's all about how to remove the car rust with Coca-Cola, hope this will help and for more car maintenance tips like this, don't forget to visit!

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