7 reminders for every Mercedes-Benz owner in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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As a Mercedes-Benz owner in Nigeria, you may end up swimming in the pool of debt if you do not know these 7 things. Click here to find out!

Without second thought, Mercedes brand is among the most sought after and desirable auto brands in the country. Mercedes brand breathes elegance, comfort, safety and high performance. Because of its price tag and cost of maintenance, only a fragment of the population will be able to afford to buy one. However, in order to avoid the migraine and nightmares that comes with daily running of the car, here on Naijauto are the 7 things Mercedes-Benz owners in Nigeria should know.

1. Know the required engine oil & filter for Mercedes-Benz vehicles

It is very important as a Mercedes-Benz owner to know the required or recommended engine oil and filter for the type of model you own or drive. Refrain from the use of fake filter or oil, which could impair the engine or the entire system of the car.

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Avoid procuring fake product! Always use the recommended engine oil product for Mercedes-Benz 

2. Understand recommended oil change schedule

The German automaker has a stipulated time frame for oil change, which is required when the car reaches a specific mileage. However, it is advisable you change the oil before your car gets to that interval, due to unfavourabe driving conditions and lengthy traffic in the country.

3. Pay attention to the battery

One of the most vital parts of every Mercedes-Benz product is the battery. As an owner, you should pay attention to the voltage on the battery. When the battery is bad, there will be malfunctioning of some control units and systems in the car, since the car comes equipped with complex electronics and equipment.

4. Always be proactive towards the check engine light

Do not overlook the importance of the check engine light regardless of the condition of your Mercedes-Benz. Always run the required diagnosis to ascertain the root of the problem. Ignorance is obviously not an excuse!

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Avoid the temptation of ignoring the check engine light in your Mercedes-Benz

5. Know how to check and replace the various required fluids in the car

Many people might own Mercedes-Benz products but not every owner knows the different fluids needed for the optimal performance of his/her car. The power steering fluid, radiator coolant, windshield wiper fluid and brake fluids are some of the important fluids you should always check and replace when needed.

6. It is expensive to replace a Mercedes-Benz key

Unlike many regular models you see around, the key used on Mercedes-Benz is costly to replace especially when lost or damaged. You should endeavor to protect the key as much as you could. If possible, get yourself a protective case.

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Maintaining and Repairing Mercedes

7. Avoid becoming mechanics’ money making machine

Do not have the mindset that every mechanic out there is meant to protect your interest. After all, everyone is trying to survive. When you leave your Mercedes-Benz at the mercy of dubious or dishonest mechanic, you would end up getting ripped off. Be careful with the kind of auto mechanic you give your car out to for repair or general servicing.

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Always find a competent and trustworthy auto mechanic for your Mercedes-Benz 

The condition of your Mercedes-Benz is your sole responsibility and it will go a long way in determining what you will spend as its day to day running cost.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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