5 reasons for battery warning lights on dashboard

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on April 17, 2019

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It feels right to think only when there is a problem with the battery that could lead to the battery warning light illuminating on the dashboard. Oh no! Click here to see other reasons!

Just like the name implies, when you observe warning lights coming up on the dashboard, it means that there is information being sent to the monitoring system in the vehicle. When you have this good habit of getting constant maintenance or inspection, you wouldn’t encounter problems as such. You might notice some when you just powered your car engine. This is perfectly normal but the real trouble comes when these lights decide to stay on. To find solutions to this, check out the 5 reasons for battery warning lights on Naijauto.

1. What is battery warning light?

It is part of the general routine for your car to perform a check on the alternator or battery for the required voltage when you start your car. Automatically, the warning light will then go off after few seconds when the battery or alternator is found to be working perfectly. Where there is a problem, it will be detected by the system especially on the charging system. It is often recommended you conserve enough energy as possible when this happens. This might include using the most needed accessories in your car like the headlights or wipers to prevent battery drainage.


The battery warning light will go off after it makes sure everything's working perfectly

2. Five reasons of battery warning lights on dashboard

There are certain reasons why battery warning lights keep illuminating on dashboard. Below are 5 sources you can look for when experiencing the same scenario!

  • Battery

When this battery warning light is on, it is normal to take your worry straight to the battery. You will need to carefully check the condition of the battery. When you see a green light on the battery icon, it means the battery is in good condition. When you notice a red light on the battery icon, this could indicate overheating or a possible replacement. Since battery has various ways of knowing whether it is in good condition or not, it is advisable you check the battery’s instruction.

It is also possible to run a test on the amount of voltage being produced by the battery through some required tools. You shouldn’t forget the connectors in case they might be the culprits here. When you find them in good shape, take a walk further and check the contact points if the positive and negative are clean and siting well. Electrical contact would be hindered if they are and will definitely affect the way your battery charges. Knowing when the battery was installed could also be a good precursory to when you should replace it with another quality one.


Looks like the battery is the most obvious reason. That shouldn't stop you from checking other parts!

  • Alternator

After you have done your thorough inspection on the car battery, you might want to take a close look at the alternator. There are recognizable various ways or reasons for alternator malfunctioning. This sometimes depends on the model. When you put it this way, some alternators in some models could just give up and stop sending out charges or electricity to the batteries.

  • Regulator

If the regulator is giving excess charge, it could damage the battery. The job of a typical regulator is to give out quick charge to the battery. When insufficient charge is being supplied, there won’t be enough power for the engine to operate. It is important to know that a regulator is part of the alternator. So, if there is need to replace either of them, it is highly recommended you replace the two together to get the battery warning light off the dashboard.

  • Belt

You can also hold the belt responsible for this battery warning sign on the dashboard. These belts ensure that the alternator is capable of spinning, which would generate sufficient amount of electricity for the battery in the car. That is why you need to always put the belt in good shape to avoid other problems while driving.

  • Cables

You need to check the cables for any loosening and its general working condition. When there is loose cable, it would affect the spinning of the alternator, which would not generate enough charge for the battery. You might probably need to tighten the loose cable to avoid more severe problems. Also make sure the electrical cables are well connected and tightened firmly into the battery connector. Check the wires for any damage as this could be the reason why the battery isn’t getting enough charge. This could also cause the battery warning light illuminating on your dashboard.

What Causes Battery Light To Come On while?

Final take

When you check these places in your car, you should be able to get the illuminating battery warning light off the dashboard. Make sure you repair any affected component as soon as possible.

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