Common problem with the spare tires in cars & how to fix it


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Spare tires in cars are easily overlooked but can sometimes cause serious challenges when needed. Read about the common problems it usually poses here!

Getting stranded on a lonely road with a flat tire but no spare tire or with a “flat” spare tire is simply dreadful and you don’t need to even tell you. Yet, it is common for most car owners and drivers to completely ignore the spare tire when they can’t actually tell if it will be needed in just the next 15 miles away.

1. Common problem with spare tires

Both the spare tires and your car tires lose air pressure with time by design because the air present in them can permeate rubber (including nitrogen-filled tires) and cause them to lose their air pressure.

If the compact spare tire in your car is in a position tucked away maybe under the vehicle’s cargo floor for about 5 years, believe it or not, it has very good chance of already being underinflated severely – and will never really be able to handle the stress and load of any emergency road duty which might come up. Don’t expect an underinflated car tire to safely carry exact or almost the same amount of load/weight just as a fully inflated one, it won’t.


Nothing is worse than having a flat tire in the middle of a journey and an unusable spare tire

2. Spare tire rotation and inflation tips

Compact spare tires unlike the regular tires on your car, have to be inflated to about 60 lb per Square inch; a PSI that is far shorter than that level is capable of causing failure or damage to the wheel of the car.

And remember also, that even if you have a fully inflated spare tire that is complete “doughnut”, it is still a temporary fix and will typically only get you as much as 100 miles at below 55mph speed.

Also, don’t forget to ask that your spare tires be checked as well whenever you are getting all your other vehicle tires checked for tire rotations.

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3. Special care for spare tires mounted outside

Whether the spare tire of your car is positioned under the vehicle’s cargo area or mounted on the liftgate, its long-term exposure to snow, water, salt, and dirt can usually cause corrosion, and as well make it more difficult to remove its mounting hardware or to operate its latches and cables especially in emergency cases.

This is why you shouldn’t just ignore your spare tires completely when doing your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

  How to Take Care of Your Spare Tire

4. Final notes

If your car comes with a tire inflator kit rather than a spare tire, you should be prepared for some possible problems.

Firstly, no matter the type of sealant that might be included, it wouldn’t be able to actually seal up every single puncture you encounter although, that still depends on the location and severity of the puncture.

Then, there comes expiration date too which will typically come with every sealant and in most cases just 4yrs from when it was manufactured and included in your vehicle’s kit. After that specified date, don’t expect it to work as much as it should.

It doesn’t matter whether or not spare tires are included on the service menus you see at auto repair/servicing shops, always add them to your list when doing any type of maintenance check.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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