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Engine oil is as essential to cars as cars are to daily living. Find out prices of Mobil, Castrol and Total 5w-30 and 20w-50 engine oil in Nigeria!

Engine oil is to cars, what blood is to humans. Lubrication oil not only guarantees the friction-free operation of the different moving parts of the car, it also works as a coolant to often heated-up components. Since engine oil, also called motor oil, is so vital to your auto’s smooth functioning, great care must be taken to buy and use only the best oil available for your car.

Happily, there are several good motor oils available in the markets that are quite suitable for Nigerian cars. And as usual, you can always get updates and useful advices on Naijauto for all car-related issues, such as how to pick best tyres or best car batteries in Nigeria, etc. This time, we are commenting on great engine oil, price of engine oil in Nigeria as well as where to get them.


Engine oil can be organic, synthetic or a blend of both

1. Price of engine oil in Nigeria

First, we must say 5w-30 and 20w-50 engine oil seems to be the most hunted in Nigeria. However, they aren't just an engine oil brand. There are many manufacturers offering these kinds of oil and their specific price list will be presented in each brand later.

Brands of 5w-30 engine oil in Nigeria

The 5W-30 grade of engine oil is a popular multi-grade oil type. Brands of 5w30 engine oil in Nigeria are:

  • Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil - 5W-30
  • Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 Full Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Castrol Edge 5W-30 (Fully Synthetic Motor Oil)
  • Total Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5w30
  • Hardex Gold Sae 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 1 Litre


Castrol is new to Nigerians but its quality has long been recognized by the world

Brands of 20w-50 engine oil in Nigeria  

The 20w-50 grade of engine oil is purposely formulated for hot climates like Nigeria. This oil grade is very thick, making it very good for cars at very high temperatures. Cold start is also possible because of the usual hot climate of Nigeria. Brands of 20w50 engine oil in Nigeria:

  • Toyota SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil
  • Castrol GTX 20W50 Engine Oil
  • Mobil Super 1000 20W50
  • Aisin SN/CF 20W50 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Nissan Motor Oil 20w50

1.1 Mobil engine oil price in Nigeria

Mobil is one Nigeria’s biggest petroleum products maker and distributor. Mobil engine oil prices go from low to high. Although most of their products can be regarded as high end, the quality justifies the price. Mobil has a few special brands that are pocket friendly, such as the 1 liter Mobil SUP 1000 X4 20W50 GSP motor oil.

Check below the Mobil engine oil price in Nigeria! (Please note that prices may vary according to location and retailer)

 Brand  Quantity sold Price   Online purchase
 Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil - 5W-30  5 liters  5 liters  Yes
 Mobil SUP 1000 X4 20W50 GSP Motor Oil  5 liters  5 liters  Yes
 Mobil SUP 1000 X4 20W50 GSP Motor Oil  5 liters  5 liters  Yes

1.2 Total engine oil price in Nigeria

Total engine oil price in Nigeria varies according to amount, brand and sometimes location. You can buy most Total products online and offline at filling stations, auto shops, or local shops and markets. Some Total engine oil brands are Quartz 9000 Energy OW-40 and Quartz 5000 20W-50. Prices range from 10,000 to about ₦25,000 for 5 liter gallons.

 Brand  Quantity sold Price   Online purchase
 Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40  5 liters  ₦20,500  Yes
 Total Quartz 5000 20W-50 4 liters ₦5,500  Yes
 Total 5W-30 Full Synthetic  5 liters  ₦5,500  Yes

1.3 Castrol engine oil price in Nigeria

Castro is a fairly recent engine oil brand in Nigeria currently becoming more popular daily. Castro products include Castrol Edge Professional A1 5W-20 and Castrol Edge Maximum Power Motor Oil. Castrol engine oil price in Nigeria is of moderate level, beginning for as low as ₦3,500.

 Brand  Quantity sold Price   Online purchase
 Castrol Edge Professional A1 5W-20  1 liter  ₦3,500  Yes
 Castrol Edge 5W-40 Full Synthetic 6 liters ₦22,600  Yes
 Castrol Edge 5W-30 Full Synthetic  5 liters  ₦18,000  Yes

2. Common uses of engine oil

  • As a lubricant:  Engine oil provides lubrication for the vehicle’s moving parts to slide by each other instead of grating against each other. This is a very important function.
  • As coolant: Although the car derives most of its cooling from the radiator, the oil constantly circulating around the car also provides a fraction of cooling for the normally hot parts.
  • Engine protection: Anything that prevents engine damage in effect protects the engine. Motor oil carries out this function as a fallout of its functions.
  • Cleans the engine: Oil also gets rid of dust and other impurities that may otherwise clog together and form thick sediments or sludge.
  • Aids car’s fuel economy: The right oil can improve fuel economy by helping the vehicle perform according to par or above par.
  • Horsepower boost: Your car is a machine that performs well or badly according to the overall condition of unit components. Good engine oil grades will endure better, harmonious working of the car’ systems, thereby elevating Horsepower levels.


Engine oil gives your vehicle a horsepower boost

3. What is oil viscosity?

Viscosity simply refers to how freely liquids flow. Technically, it is a calculation of resistance to flow. Oil must retain some level of viscosity to be effective. It must be thin enough to flow after cold start and yet thick enough to lubricate the engine at normal engine operating temperatures. Many modern cars will handle engine oil better than some older vehicle types.

To fully understand engine oil specifications, please look back our previous post Engine oil specifications: what's the best oil for your car? for a more thorough explanation!


An oil viscosity index shows the temperature range of different types of engine oil

4. Types of engine oil

4.1. Engine oil classification by origin

Motor oils are classified according to their synthesis or origin. Factors that may change from type to type include viscosity grade, price, and function or performance. The basic types of engine oil are:

  • Conventional or mineral oil:

This is the oil type you would most normally see around your neighborhood in Nigeria. It is oil formed from crude derivatives, and is just fine for the average light duty engine design.

  • Synthetic motor oil

Engine oil is normally formed from crude oil. However synthetic oil is motor oil that is totally man made in a lab. It typically is high performance, less dirty, and leaves little sludge. High performance engines such as sports cars need this kind of oil. Overall, other cars will benefit from synthetic oil but it is also more expensive.

  • Semi synthetic oil:

A blend of synthetic and natural base results in a blend. The advantages of the blend is that it gives the car a lot of the high performing benefits of synthetic oil at a price slightly above base oil. This has made this oil increasingly popular.

  • High mileage oil:

Cars with engines in excess of 75,000 miles experience certain drawbacks. These might include leakage, rapid consumption of oil, and smokiness. A high mileage oil brand is designed with extra additives to minimize these problems.

4.2. Engine oil classification by engine oil grades list

Spoiler alert! Techie jargon incoming!

You might have noticed a series of numbers and letters on the plastic container gallons that carry engine oil, e.g. SAE 5W-30. They look like mumbo-jumbo to the average car user, but the life of your vehicle actually depends on these. They represent the grade of the oil. Lubricating oil must pass a very rigorous viscosity test. Since low temperatures cause oil to congeal and high temps cause it to melt, oil used in vehicles must maintain a certain standard of viscosity in all weather conditions.

The figure at the beginning stands for the thinness of the oil in extreme cold conditions. So, for instance, when you start your car engine “cold”, it must be thin enough to start circulating immediately. The lower the number the thinner the oil is.


Most of car engine oil on the market is multi-grade

Conversely, the figures at the end stand for the thickness of the oil at the normal high engine operating temperature. Oil must retain a certain level of thickness even at high temps to be effective. The “W” beside the first figure stands for “winter”. The SAE is an abbreviation for the Society of Automotive Engineers who determines the numerical measurement for oil viscosity. There are basically two grades of engine oil: Multi-grade and single grade. Many countries will have different viscosity requirements depending on climate. As a general look, it is smart to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the grade of oil optimal for your car to use.

  • Multi-grade engine oil

These types of oils that have a range of viscosity from thin to thick, low to high temperatures are known as multi-grade motor oil. They can also be called multi-weight oils. SAE 5W-30 is an example of a multi grade oil. They are typically designated with a range of numbers and letters to denote a range of weights or thickness/thinness. Another popular multi-grade spec in Nigeria is SAE 10W-30, which is slightly thicker oil that is great for old engines.

  • Single grade engine oil

Single-grade oils on the other hand are designed for maximum performance at a generally similar operating temperature. They are sometimes also called mono-grade oils. Examples of single grade oils are SAE 5w, 10w, 15w and 20w. As mentioned earlier, “w” stands for winter, so these are lubricating oils made specifically to be used in extreme low temperatures or temperate climates. These are usually on the thin side to enhance cold start capabilities.

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5. Best engine oil in Nigeria

Quality motor oil is not lacking in Nigeria. Amongst the best of these are:

5.1. Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 engine oil

Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 engine oil is considered Nigeria’s king of lubrication. This brand of oil meets the strictest OEM standards. It is a multi-grade oil good for both hot and cold climates, and for both petrol and diesel engines.

5.2. Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil - 5W-30

This engine oil is a fully synthetic multi-grade brand. Its qualities include anti-rusting and antioxidant properties, engine cleaning, and multi-climatic characteristics. It is sold in 5-liter containers.

Mobil & Castrol listed in top 5 synthetic oil brands 2017-18

5.3. Mobil SUP 1000 X4 20W50 GSP motor oil

This is another one of Mobil’s products that deserves accolades. This oil comes in a 4 liter gallon which is quite affordable. It's also a multi-grade oil, high performing, with additives that give you ultimate engine protection. There is also a liter variety. This smaller pack can be regarded as emergency as it comes in a smaller 1 liter container suitable for a quick top off at no great cost. It is suitable for the hot Nigerian climate. Its qualities include engine cleaning, high performance, and protection of engines.

5.4. Forte Oil SYNTH 10000 Multi grade synthetic motor oil.

This is good for a wide range of modern car types. It offers great protection for your car and cleans the engine.

6. Verdict

We hope with such a comprehensive post on price of engine oil in Nigeria as well as detailed explanation of oil types, you can now go to the shop and buy the best engine oil for your car without hesitation.

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