The three most important parts of a car engine you should know

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Knowing well about engine makes it easier to schedule maintenance and repair if necessary, needed to drive a perfectly shaped car. Find out basic parts of an engine here!

While it is often hard to understand why schedule for maintenance is very much required, we find ourselves talking about it so much. Well, knowing few things could help or rescue you though in some situations.

That's why Naijauto explains here basic components inside a car engine for your reference!

A typical car engine comprises cylinder which in turn has a tube within. Every kind of magic as you would imagine happens right inside the tube. So, this literally means that the cylinder is rightly described as tightly sealed tube. You would find at least four of them in most cars.

1. Automotive piston - how it works

By design, a piston is anything that moves upward and downward. There is usually a severe and brutal fate ahead of a typical piston. This particular component is bequeathed with survival quest of countless explosions each time you make use of your vehicle. It consists of smooth top with indentations, quite little in the surface to prevent the pistol from hitting one of the valves. This is where explosion always happens.


Your vehicle moves down the road with every thousand explosions within the piston

The moment the pistol keeps pushing itself upward into the cylinder, there will be a compression of sealed mixture of air and fuel, causing a blown up from the sparkplug. The piston is pushed back strongly and quickly due to the contained explosion within the engine. The connecting rod keeps the engine running after pushing against the crankshaft when there is a downward push of the piston.

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2. Connecting rod

There is a connection between the bottom of the piston and this connecting rod. At the top, the piston is sealed and domed but it is hollow at the bottom. There is a wrist pin and a thick steel pin inside this upside down cup that attaches the piston to the connecting rod and also ensures pivoting of the rod back and forth while being attached firmly to the piston underside.

This is quite essential since rotation of crankshaft is caused by the connecting rod, at a point by which they are connected to slight shift in the crankshaft in conjunction to the piston center. This implies wobbling back and forth is necessary for just a bit in order to prevent breakage when you turn the key for the very first time. But it is worthy of mention that it would be really rare for you to see wrist pin break.


This rod connects two moving parts in a mechanism, especially that between the piston and the crankpin in an engine 

3. Crankshaft – power center

Occurrence of explosion within the cylinder leads to downward thrust of the pistol towards the engine inside. There is a connection masterminded by the connecting rod of the piston bottom and a specific point in the crankshaft, which transfers the explosion in the cylinder from an upward and downward piston movement and connecting rod to a movement that is rotational inside the crankshaft.

Each time combustion happens within the cylinder, there is a little form of rotation of the crankshaft. Every piston contains its connecting rod and there is an attachment of each connecting rod at a different point. They are also connected at different point in the rotation of the crankshaft. Its occurrence in multiple times every minute makes it possible for you to have an engine powerful enough to move the car on the road.

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Engine parts | Basic Components of an Engine

4. Final words

As important as these components are, one mistake you shouldn’t do is forgetting to add oil to the engine or avoiding regular oil change. Failure to do this would put your car engine at serious risk of possible damage especially its inside. It is important to lubricate these parts constantly.

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