How to troubleshoot no-spark problem in Honda Accord


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There are certain prices you must pay if you engage in DIY. However, it would pay off eventually. Click here to see how to troubleshoot no-spark problem in Honda Accord!

The hard start problem differs depending on the model you own. So, before proceeding to fix this problem, we prefer using the word “troubleshooting instead”. This implies finding the root of the problem in your Honda Accord, which will very much help in knowing the best possible solution to the hard start or no-spark problem in Honda Accord.

Below are explanations from Naijauto team!

1. No spark

Sometimes, you would rely on your instinct or intuition due to the unavailability of proper pressure meter. Many at times, a quiet humming sound would be made by most fuel pumps indicating they are in good condition. When you hear a loud sound or pump that is buzzing, it often means it is producing far less pressure required for the engine to run perfectly. This also means that the pump is near its end.

As an owner, you might have replaced the fuel pump only for you to realize that the problem is actually not with the pump but somewhere else. Don’t feel bad about this wrong decision. DIY often takes few cash off your pocket in replacing multiple components in your car while trying to solve a problem. Truth is, you could have saved yourself a lot of repair cost.


It is highly recommended you find the root of the problem rather than wasting money fixing wrong part

2. Bad main relay

A sputtering type of stall is caused by a fuel pump. At this point, you might have been discouraged as an Accord owner and decide to leave the whole problem alone. The main relay might be what you should have looked out for since it is an electronic device that ensures the closing and opening off supply of fuel to the engine.

Overheating can cause this to happen and it is one simple thing that doesn’t require much professionalism in troubleshooting.

3. Other reasons for no-spark problem in Honda Accord

There are 3 basic things that could prevent the engine from getting that spark. These include bad igniter, bad ignition coil and bad distributor.

For ignition coil inspection, take a measurement of the resistance between –terminal, which is white/blue wire and +terminal, which is black/yellow wire of the coil. You should be able to get a resistance of 0.6 to 0.8 ohms at 70-degree Fahrenheit. After which you should take a look at the resistance between the coil wire terminal and the + terminal. You should be able to see something around 12,000 – 19,200 ohms at 70 degree Fahrenheit.

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How to test for a shorted ignition coil (Honda Distributor)

Check if the tachometer is in good condition for the igniter. If yes, the igniter should be working fine. Take a look at the steps for inspecting the igniter:

Steps to inspect the igniter:

  • Get the leak cover, rotor and distributor cap removed
  • Try and disconnect the yellow/green, blue, white/blue and black/yellow wires from igniter unit.
  • Activate the ignition switch and inspect the voltage of the battery between the body ground and black/yellow wire. In case of absence of battery voltage, inspect the black/yellow wire in between the igniter unit and the ignition switch. When you get a voltage there, move to the next step.
  • Activate the ignition switch and lookout for voltage of the battery between the body ground and white/blue wire. Failure to see any voltage would require you to inspect ignition coil adequate operation or circuit (open) on the white/blue wire at the middle of igniter unit and ignition coil. When you successfully get voltage here, move to next step.
  • Inspect the yellow/green wire that is located between the igniter unit and PGM-FI ECU.
  • Take a look at the blue wire in between the igniter unit and tachometer.
  • You can get replacement for the igniter unit after ascertaining that the tests are normal.

Final take

If you find the igniter and coil in good shape, you might need to get a replacement for the distributor. You can easy find the problem by checking the codes within the control module for powertrain.

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