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The frequent maintenance of a car is one sure way a driver can have peace of mind. Your car can literally defy aging if you carry out maintenance on these parts regularly. Let's check below for the most replaced car parts in Nigeria!

The frequent maintenance of a car is one sure way a driver can have peace of mind. A car is a complex machine with a lot of mechanical and electrical components. With time, the efficiency of these components deteriorates, and needs to be changed.

However, some parts wear out more quickly than others and should be changed more often. If you're a driver who uses your car for daily commute, you should replace these 7 car parts frequently to ensure your car’s reliability at all times. They are the most replaced car parts in Nigeria, as researched by Naijauto.com!

1. Brake pads

While the size of a vehicle or the way you drive will significantly contribute to how quickly your brakes wear off, brakes generally deteriorate faster than other mechanical components in the car. The stop-and-go routine of city driving takes a serious toll. To prevent further damage and the risk of fatal accidents, brake pads must be replaced at the slightest indication of wear. If you stall, the rotors beneath the pads may also get affected, and you’ll have to replace both.

Normally the lifespan of a brake pad ranges from 30,000 to 70,000 miles, or every 3 to 5 years, depending on the size of the vehicle. In cars, the average lifespan is 4 years. When changing your pads, make sure you go for original brake linings. Note, that organic linings (nonasbestos) are inferior in quality to semi-metallic and ceramic linings.

2. Batteries

Car batteries are packed with enough power to start, light, and ignite your car for up to 5 years before it starts to fail. But in Nigeria which has a hot climate, you can lower your expectations and hope it lasts 3 years. You should endeavor to check your battery’s health frequently. It is prudent to replace your car battery before it dies completely. If your car battery has left you stranded a few times, you don’t need us to stress this point.


Consider buying OEM parts instead of second-hand ones

3. Tires

A number of factors decide how frequently you need to change your tires: the distance you cover yearly, the roads you use, alignment of the wheel, and wear rating of the tires, combine to determine how far your tires last. Hard line driving and cornering can worsen wear significantly but tires with a higher wear rating generally lasts longer. However, Naijauto.com correspondents gathered that most experienced drivers replace their tires about every four years.

For newer vehicles, you will also need to change the tire pressure monitor eventually. The component wears out with time but its very crucial function. Replacing this may add to your maintenance cost, but we haven’t seen a lot of drivers who actually minds.

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4. Spark plugs

If your car’s fuel consumption rises dramatically or you experience increased inertia while accelerating, they may be signs that the fire in your spark plugs have waned. Engine surging, idling, and misfiring are also telltale signs that your engine is yearning for new spark plugs. There are two main types of plugs: platinum and iridium plugs. For best performance, they should be replaced after 5 years, or after every 12,000 miles.

5. Head or tail lights

Safety first, they say. And car head and tail lights are an important part of your safety. Headlights improve vision at night and tail lights are used to indicate when the vehicle at your front engages the brakes or traffic indicators. Due to the condition of our roads, and aggressive driving, head and tail lights gets broken or damaged more frequently than they should. Bulbs with filaments are more vulnerable to damage on coarse and bouncy roads, but LED tail lights and Xenon bulbs are more durable.


Headlights are easy to take care of if you pay enough attention

6. Fuel pump

The fuel pump of a car works continuously but alien elements and corrosion inside the fuel tank can damage it. Also, exhausting your tank or using your reserve fuel can contribute to the quicker replacement of your fuel pump. Many drivers still make these mistakes and there has only one end result—pump failure. Having a bad fuel pump can cause you a lot of hassles if you do not fix the problem once you notice it. However, it still remains one of the most replaced car parts in Nigeria.

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7. Oil filter

Changing the engine oil of your car regularly can prolong the lifespan of your engine dramatically. Engine oil is typically replaced every 3 to 6 months. When changing oil, the filter is also usually changed. Some folks change oil and oil filter even more frequently (say every 2 months). Driving style and condition of roads are contributing factors.

Apart from the car parts highlighted in this post, there is a myriad of other components that need to be constantly checked and or replaced. All parts of a car are important, and we advice that you take your car for general maintenance, at least, twice in a year or after every 6,000 miles or so. Proper maintenance of your car parts can keep it in a very good condition for a long time.

>>> Always check for car maintenance tips on Naijauto.com!

Oluwafunsho Asu

Oluwafunsho Asu

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