Michelin Tweel tyres: The future of car tyres


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Have you heard about the new airless tyre innovation by Michelin? Come check it out this tyre that doesn't need air to function. Naijauto will explain how it works below!

Each day we all wake up to innovations, all thanks to the technological era we now live in. Yes, traditional car tyres have been providing comfort and safety in the automobile world, howbeit, there's an ongoing shift to tweel tyres which Naijauto is bringing to your notice. The days of "I need to fill my car tyres with air for efficiency" has gone. French tyre manufacturing company, Michelin, has presented its unique tyre innovation to the automotive industry with the introduction of Tweel tyres.

The name Tweel was coined from combining two words, tyre, and wheel. The Tweel tyre isn't like the old tyres where your concern is ensuring that the correct amount of air is in the tyres. They are simply airless tyres and you won't be experiencing any issue of a flat or punctured tyre while driving.


Here's the Michelin Tweel tyre!

Let's take a look at how the tweel tyre operates without air.

1. How Michelin Tweel airless tyre work without using air

Tweel tyre is manufactured by combining different materials. The manufacturers have designed it in a way that makes them distinct from traditional tyres. Materials like flexible polyurethane spokes, steel & rubber rim, deformable wheel, and shear outer beam are being used in its production. Each of them serves a specific purpose. The flexible polyurethane spokes act as a shock absorber to cushion the car when it hits a road bump or pothole. The shear beam bears the heavyweight of the car.

Presently, Michelin has started producing and making tweel tyres available for commercial vehicles. However, it isn’t accessible to every vehicle on the road. For the pneumatic tyre, it requires a certain amount of air pressure inside it in order to run smoothly but it's different from the tweel tyre.

The strength of the shear band and spokes share the pressure respectively. For now, Michelin is testing the tweel airless tyre on low-speed vehicles like construction motors.


With the Tweel airless tyre, you won't be experiencing any issue of a flat or punctured tyre while driving

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2. How Michelin Tweel airless tyres differ from traditional tyres

The tweel tyre provides a steady ride to vehicles. American engine manufacturer, John Deere, was one of the first firms to have these tweel tyres installed on their equipment. It cushions the effect of bumpy roads so drivers won't feel it. Michelin says tweel tyres don't wear or tear soon and can last twice or thrice longer than a traditional tyre.

The materials used to produce these tyres are top quality so their performance is outstanding. The spokes as mentioned before provides a cushioning effect when the car hits a bump though they seem to be thin. The stiff designs on the tyre help to prevent damage. Just as the traditional tyre offers a smooth ride, so does the tweel tyre.


The spokes produced with the Tweel tyre gives the car a cushioning effect when it hits bumps like this

Generally speaking, Michelin Tweel tyres are invented to solve most problems of traditional tyres. However, whether this tyre can be mass produced at affordable price will decide its practicality. We all hope that this wonderful car tyre will make its way soon to Nigeria so we can have chances to test it against harsh conditions of Nigerian climate and terrain.

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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