How to change Mercedes-Benz key battery (either chrome key or smart key)?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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To change your Mercedes-Benz key battery is easier than you imagined. You just need to sacrifice few minutes of your time for either the Chrome Key or Smart Key. Read on!

Changing the Mercedes-Benz key battery might be the smartest thing to do when the car key is not working anymore. Obviously, nobody fancies having a dead car key. The exciting news is, it is quite simple to open the fob and change the battery. Changing the key battery in Mercedes-Benz for both the Smart Key and Chrome Key would only take few minutes of your time. Check the steps below by!

1. How do you change Mercedes-Benz Chrome Key battery?

Whether you own an old or new model of Chrome Key, the key would come either as circular-shaped or triangular-shaped panic button. Check out the highlighted steps below for easy replacement:

Step 1

Slide down or push the tab found at the base part of the Chrome Key. Pull out the key next to it at the same time. It usually looks like a small silver tab at the key’s bottom end.

Step 2

Once you get the key released, there will be small gap on the fob. Push that key right into that small gap until you open the key cover.


Replacing the battery in the Chrome Key is easy as long as you follow strictly the steps 

Step 3

When you are able to successfully open the key cover, try and replace the battery with new one after removal. Make sure it faces upright.

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2. How do I change Mercedes-Benz Smart Key battery?

This smart key, which is made of plastic, is usually used for older models of Mercedes-Benz. Check out these steps for easy replacement:

Step 1

Use the keychain to hold the key. While pulling out the key, you should push the sliding tab.

Step 2

Push down after you have taken the key to the opposite side of the tab

Step 3

Remove the back of the key and the old battery. With right side facing upward, you should put the new battery in its right place.

Video: Mercedes Benz Key Battery Change Replacement

When you obediently follow these steps for both Chrome and Smart Keys, you should be able to change your Mercedes-Benz key battery without much stress.

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