3 reasons why you should have more than 1 mechanic's contact on your phone


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Having more options is always better than just one. But to car drivers, it's of utmost importance to have more than 1 contact of mechanics. This post will reason why as below!

As a rule of thumb amongst experienced car drivers, when it comes to maintaining your "love", it's best if you have more than 1 mechanic to take care of her. If you think about it, anything monopolized is unlikely to turn out good. When we have to rely solely on one person, that person has no incentive to do the job as well as before because they know you'd have nowhere else to go.

That's the core of the matter, let's dig a little bit deeper and see in details why we, car users, need more than just one mechanic.

1. Open options

As we mentioned earlier, you should always have a backup plan for everything and the car issue is just one of them.

Supposed that your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Naturally, you'd take your phone out and call your favorite mechanic, only to find out that he's on vacation or turning off his phone for god knows why. Your only choice is to go online and wander around hundreds of auto webs. More often than not, you'd be charged 10 to 20 percent more since you didn't frequent their shop.

someone with a broken car

The idea to have more than 1 person to call in an emergency is clearly no-brainer to understand

Also, not every car mechanic knows all about cars. Each has its own niche in this business. Maybe this one is good with the Catalytic converter while the other can paint your car flawlessly...Ideally, you should have a list of trusted mechanics and their corresponding skills so that you could act swiftly on each maintenance date.

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2. Various price range

The price charged for the service varies from mechanic to mechanic due to many factors such as the locations or their expertise...So having more than 1 mechanic would provide you with a flexible price range to choose from, depending on your budget at the moment you need them.

someone holding a checklist

Some mechanics charge differently than others, make sure you know who has the best price then

3. Performance comparison

With more than 1 mechanic, chances are you choose a better mechanic for yourself. Why? That's because you have the chance to witness the skills, effort, and time each person put into their job and hence make a good decision for you and your budget.

For example, mechanic A would change your tires in a heartbeat, so you may resort to him when you are in a rush. Mechanic B has the tendency to take things slowly and would chit-chat a bit during the whole process, so when you're in the mood for gossiping, you can choose him instead...

a mechanic fixing car

Each mechanic has their own strengths, choose one according to your situation

Ideally, we would recommend the dealership you bought the car from, but they often charge higher than other auto shops. Their attitude is reported to be indifferent sometimes.

So the above are 3 reasons you should have more than 1 mechanic's contact on your phone, there are more interesting car tips you can check out on Naijauto's Tips & Advice section!

Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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