How to detect 6 most common manual transmission problems

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If you drive a manual transmission vehicle and you still don't know these 6 common problems then you still have a lot to learn. Check them here now and see!

All manual transmission car owners or drivers should be familiar with these six problems that are common with their type of vehicle. thinks, detecting problems and their causes will be really difficult for anyone driving a manual transmission vehicle if they do not have enough knowledge of common manual transmission problems. Most of manual transmission problems are very simple and easy to diagnose if you pay attention.

Below we have listed and discussed 6 of the most common manual transmission problems. Take a look:

1. Oil leakage

This is one common problem you might have heard about many times in the past. You can easily spot this issue by inspecting oil leakage in your car. During the inspection you can easily follow the oil leakage trails around till you detect the source of the leak.

2. Gearbox problems

The running rotor keeps a manual transmission busy with the gear in every manual transmission vehicle. Sometimes you might notice it hurting your knuckles by jumping out quickly. And in some other cases, especially when driving upward or decelerating, you will notice the transmission could be decreasing at a rapid rate. This is one of such common problems with manual gearbox that needs immediate attention for safety.


FYI: this is how the manual transmission system works inside!

3. Transmission not engaging

This is one tricky problem. A clutch problem is mostly the reason why you would notice a manual transmission not engaging into gear when you push it, with the motor running. You might observe this problem to be common in old cars mostly. To confirm this problem, when the engine is not running, try engaging the gear and you will see it work. Once you notice this problem in your vehicle, take it to the local expert repair shop.

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4. When engaged into gear, transmission scratches

This commonly occurs when you have a new clutch installed and it is like one of the most common manual transmission problems. So, what is happening underneath during this problem?

First possibility is: the vehicle’s synchronizer rings are not slowing down somehow and failing to engage the gears. You will notice that as you try to engage the shifter, you are feeling a scratch. The gear won’t engage as a result of worn out synchronizing rings that are failing to slow down when they are supposed to act like a kind of brake on the gears.

You would also face this kind of manual transmission problem if you use the wrong fluid type. To avoid this problem, ensure that you always use quality and appropriate oil in your manual transmission and to also prolong its lifespan while maintaining its good health.

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5. Clicking, knocking and ticking noises

Different sounds in a manual transmission indicate different problems with such system. Let’s briefly talk about some of the common noises and their indications:

  • Bearing or ticking noise: This is indicating a wrong gear.
  • Knocking sounds: This is indicating a broken or damaged gear.
  • Clicking noise: This is indicating probability of a broken tooth.

We advise you consult your local automobile expert or mechanic as soon as you notice any of these noises to avoid further damages in the internal mechanism of your manual transmission.

6. Gear won’t engage in cold weather

It is common in manual transmission for the gear not to engage when the surrounding temperature is nearing zero. It might be this way until the mercury hits back the regular line again. This is a common problem that mostly result from issues with your hydraulic clutch or your engine being low on lubricant. You can get a lighter oil and try it in to fix this problem and if it’s getting out of hands, take the car to an automobile mechanic or the local repair shop.

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