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Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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If you own a Honda car, carrying out routine checks go a long way in keeping the car in good shape! Here are more tips on how to maintain used Honda Civic!

As a Honda owner, it's your "civic" duty to carry out routine maintenance (no pun intended). This is because your car basically takes care of your needs if you take care of its own. A lot of drivers do not make an effort to maintain their used Honda Civic because it's considered low budget. But low budget doesn't mean neglect, simply means you spend less.

So why not ensure you spend less by carrying out the necessary servicing after specific months or miles covered? With how rugged and inconsistent Nigerian roads are, you can never be too sure that car will stay for a long time without faults. Therefore, Naijauto gives you some great tips on how to maintain used Honda Civic!

1. Inspect your car every day or twice a week

To maintain used Honda civic, you have to inspect the exterior and interior of the vehicle at least twice a week. Popular civic problems include sudden flat tyres, stiffness of clutch, door lock faults and overheating. If you don't have to drive the car daily, you can turn on the engine while it's stagnant (known as warming the engine in Nigeria) and let it run for a few minutes. Drive forward and backward to check for any eminent gearbox, steering or braking problem. Also look at fluid levels, and the cooling system to know if there's a need for top ups.

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The first step to maintaining your used Honda civic car is to inspect it often

2. Check all electricals regularly

Honda Civic cars are reliable and durable no doubt, but faulty electricals are some if their main issues. From the radio to the horn and the air conditioning, it's important to always keep an eye for when they stop functioning effectively. Check for warning lights on the dashboard as well. Some used Honda Civic owners in Nigeria say sometimes the lights come on, even when nothing is wrong. If this happens, check for loose wires or go visit your electrician immediately. As for the air conditioning, it could start blowing hot and cold all of a sudden. Quickly get it checked also.

3. Make changes after every 12,000 kilometers

On an average, you're supposed to actually change your engine oil filter and make other routine changes to your car after every 8,000 kilometers, but the Honda is built to last longer. After every 12,000 kilometers on the average, change your engine oil filter, have the brake pads replaced and check other elements of the car. If the drive belts habe shifted, adjust them. Change the spark plugs and sit cleaner. After a few more kilometers, you can change the brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid and engine coolant. If you do not drive your car often, these changes can be done every 12 - 18 months.

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4. Do not use Honda Civic for short distance trips

If you intend to start a taxi business, leave your used Honda Civic out of it. This affects the transmission and can also lead to engine sludge. There are also cases of clutches getting burnt and overheating.

Therefore, to properly maintain used Honda Civic, you'll have to drive it when necessary and carry out routine maintenance at when due. Also visit only professional Honda mechanics to get the best fix for your car.

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