Is it expensive maintaining a Honda in Nigeria? Here are all the costs you must know!


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A lot of Nigerians are always careful about buying Hondas but truth is it is one of the most reliable car brands available in Nigeria. This article points out all the things you should consider when maintaining a Honda in Nigeria and hope you give a more positive thought about the Japanese brand than before!

Honda Motor is the second most successful car brand in Nigeria today for the reliability it has established. However, Honda suffers a major setback from Nigerians based on its history of overturning and breaking down on every Nigerian highway. This increases how much it costs to maintain Honda cars in Nigeria. Still, the reason for this Honda's  'yawo yawo' problem in Nigeria is not totally Honda's fault.

Honda cars used in Nigeria are not designed for offroad driving conditions but in Nigeria, every car mandatorily goes offroad. Honda still found a way to fix this problem in 2012 across all its models so yeah, major Honda rivals in Nigeria can give way to the return of the champion.


The reason people are scared of HONDA cars 

Unlike Toyota, Honda is very versatile as an automobile manufacturer that even has a successful Motorcycle brand. Honda is always coming to the automobile industry with new innovations which makes the brand very respected all over the world.

Honda was the first automobile company to start selling Hybrid electric vehicles.

The Honda Motor Company also commercially sold the Honda Clarity in 2006 as an only hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Honda has been an engine provider in Formula one racing since 1964 and also, McLaren; the supercar manufacturers commercially launched their first set of supercars with Honda engines.


2020 Honda Passport built for Nigerian rough roads 

Honda manufactures Hatchbacks, Sedans and SUVs that are very easy to use with a decent level of ride comfort with Acura being its luxury division. Honda has a lot of loyal fans in the Northern part of Nigeria because the road condition is better and Honda also has designs that can be easily pimped in Nigeria. The common Honda cars in Nigeria you might name at the drop of a hat are; the Accord, Odyssey, CR-V, Pilot, Civic and City.

So on to the business of today! Is it expensive to maintain a Honda? I have lived with a lot of Honda cars in my life and trust me, I will tell you all you need to know about 'How much to maintain a Honda car in Nigeria'.   

What Maintenance does a Honda car need? 

Starting with the technical maintenances, Honda needs an engine oil change & oil filter replacement which is popularly referred to as 'servicing' in Nigeria. This servicing is the basic routine maintenance that should happen every 5000 miles with synthetic oil if your Honda has a mileage below 100,000 miles but once your car gets above 100,000 miles then it should be serviced every 4000 miles with conventional oil mostly having the rating SAE 10W30.

To know the exact engine oil specification for your Honda car, check the engine oil cap on the engine or the car's manual.


Can you see the engine oil rating on the cap?

The preventive maintenance that involves a comprehensive checkup of your Honda should happen every 10,000 miles. This is because driving a Honda in Nigeria means it is exposed to a more harsh condition. Intense sunlight during the day and the very bad road conditions that force every car to go offroad.

Note that the same maintenance culture above applies to Honda hybrid electric vehicles like the Honda Insight hybrid vehicle. We don't have cars running on flexible fuel in Nigeria but if you happen to find yourself driving a Honda Civic flexible-fuel vehicle in another country, make sure you carry out the basic maintenance every 3000 miles. If you drive a performance Honda car like the NSX which I doubt anyone has in Nigeria, then you would require the service of high-performance automobile workshops only available in Lagos and Abuja.

Here are the areas of your car that must be thoroughly inspected during the extensive maintenance:

What to look out for during preventive Honda maintenance routine
 The System  What the technician should look out for  
Braking system Brake pad level, brake fluid level, condition of brake discs and calliper.
Tyres  Wear and tear, tightness of wheel nuts 
Engine performance Spark plug health, Ignition coil health, Abnormal engine vibration and sound
Suspension system Abnormal sound from shocks/struts/arms, the health of shock absorber pads and bushings
Steering system Driving shaft health, linkages and joint of steering condition
ECU Fault codes 
A/C system  A/C Filter for dirt
Ignition system  Fuel Nozzles for dirt 
Electric Motor system  Performance of the Electric motor 

Monitor your mileage weekly to know exactly when it is due for servicing.

Where to service Honda in Nigeria?

Honda is not a car brand that needs a specialist technician; it is Japanese. In Nigeria, 80 per cent of the standard automobile technicians specialize in Japanese cars because it is the bulk of cars that Nigerians buy and drive.

There are a few affiliated Honda service centres in Nigeria and a lot of standard automobile workshops that would be dedicated to maintaining your Honda Accord in Nigeria. If you buy a brand new Honda from most of these dealerships, they would issue a warranty and free service for maybe the first 100,000 KM.


Engine oil replacement should never be late

If you cannot afford affiliated Honda dealerships, just find one that the universe recommends for you and make sure you do background research on the services of the workshop you come across just to be sure your car is in safe hands.

Cost of maintaining/servicing Honda cars in Nigeria

Some maintenance costs money while some cost nothing at all but your time. Starting with the costly maintenance; the price range for servicing a Honda in Nigeria is between ₦8,000 and ₦60,000. It all depends on the rates and quality of materials that will be used. 

For extensive maintenance service, it will range between ₦5,000 and ₦20,000 stand-alone cost but most times, it is done together with the basic routine maintenance. The routine maintenance materials involve only an engine oil and oil filter while extensive maintenance reveals the other materials/parts you need to buy to keep your Honda in good health.

Common Honda repair and problems in Nigeria :

Every car brand has peculiar re-occurring problems and Honda isn't exempted. The most popular problems of Honda brands in Nigeria is the steering assembly ball joint failure that allows Honda front wheel overturn and breakdown on the road. This is why buying used Honda in Nigeria requires a special skill called 'experience'. 

Other common Honda problems are :

  • Check engine light. 
  • Defective engine mounts.
  • Front brake rotor failure.
  • Ignition switch failure.
  • Suspension system failure.
  • Airbag light. 
  • Radio lock.

The labour cost of Honda repairs in Nigeria varies based on the type of repair and the rate of the automobile workshop where the repair is being carried out.

How to maintain Honda to prevent damage and breakdowns

To reduce the cost to maintain a Honda in Nigeria, these are some tips that every Honda owner in Nigeria must know

  • Do not carry more weight than Honda recommends as doing so strains the suspension and braking system.
  • Drive carefully on rough roads just to protect your steering and suspension system.
  • Use only unleaded petrol in your car.
  • Check all fluid and coolant levels.
  • Replace your car remote battery every 18 months.


 The tyre is the only part that touches the ground it deserves a lot of attention

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Costs of common replacement parts for Honda cars

Price of common Honda replacement parts in Nigeria
 Part Authentic  Price Tokunbo Price   China Price 
 Pair of shock absorbers ₦45,000 - ₦200,000 ₦30,000 - ₦70,000 ₦20,000 - ₦50,000
 Spark plugs ₦12,000 - ₦40,000 ₦5,000 - ₦15,000 ₦3,500 - ₦7,000
 Linkages  ₦10,000 - ₦18,000 ₦5,000 - ₦10,500 ₦2,000 - ₦7,000
 Tie rods ₦10,000 - ₦45,000 ₦8,000 - ₦15,000 ₦6,000 - ₦15,000
 pair of ball joints ₦15,000 - ₦38,000 ₦10,000 - ₦25,000 ₦7,000 - ₦25,000
 set of Ignition coils (4,6 or 8) ₦30,000 - ₦80,000 ₦20,000 - ₦40,000 ₦16,000 - ₦40,000
 Fuel Nozzles  ₦30,000 - ₦80,000 ₦20,000 - ₦40,000 ₦16,000 - ₦40,000
 Complete Fuel Pump ₦50,000 - ₦200,000 ₦30,000 - ₦75,000 ₦25,000 - ₦100,000
 Wiper blades ₦2,500 - ₦7,000 N/A ₦500 - ₦2,500
 Pair of brake pads ₦12,000 - ₦25,000 ₦4,000 - ₦15,000 ₦2,000 - 15,000
 Engine seat/mounts  ₦15,000 - ₦40,000 ₦7,000 - ₦20,000 ₦7,000 - ₦25,000
 Engine replacement  ₦1,200,000 - ₦3,500,000  ₦45,000 - ₦750,000 N/A
Pair of Shock absorber pads ₦20,000 - ₦40,000 ₦10,000 - ₦25,000 ₦7,000 - ₦20,000
Windscreen replacement ₦45,000 - ₦120,000 N/A ₦15,000 - ₦60,000
Alternator ₦45,000 - ₦120,000 ₦25,000 - ₦60,000 ₦30,000 - ₦50,000

Note : These prices depend greatly on the year and model of the Honda. 

All Honda parts above and more can be gotten across the country with any Honda dealership and spare parts market. Ladipo and Oyingbo market in Lagos, Nigeria is the biggest spare parts market for Honda replacement parts in Nigeria.

Some common Honda service centres in Nigeria

  • Honda Automobile Western Africa Limited 
  • Honda Place 

The Honda place has over 8 branches across Nigeria. The Lagos branch is where some of the Honda HR-Vs sold in Nigeria is being assembled.


Some ranges of 2020 Honda cars 

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Here is a full tutorial video on everything you need to know about Honda maintenance:

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Maintaining a Honda in Nigeria the right way is beneficial to owners because it is a very reliable brand based on engine performance.

80 per cent of broken down Hondas in Nigeria are usually caused by bad maintenance culture of owners. Ignoring all the signs the car gives until it fails to proceed on the day you need it the most. Now that you know how much it costs to maintain a Honda car in Nigeria, quit being afraid to buy that your Honda dream car.

At, we offer the best car advice to car owners and to aspiring car owners, we provide expert advice on the car you are saving up to buy.

>>> Stay tuned with us for more experts' tips and advice!




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