How should I lubricate the hinges and locks of my car doors?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Are you getting strange creaks and groans from the doors of your car whenever opening or closing them? Should you apply lubrication to them? Find answers here! has discovered that rusty sounding car doors is such a common issue that is usually ignored in most of the cars used in Nigeria and this is very wrong. It can, of course, be argued to not be such a big deal but then, it is also not one that requires a huge cost to fix.

First, let’s put it out straight to you that, if you are getting any sort of strange groan and creak whenever you open or close the doors on your car, just know that the hinges have become dry and really need lubrication.

Even though lubricating the hinges of car doors is such a relatively simple task, some drivers and car owners still prefer to let auto repair shops or dealerships get it done for them.


Rust will not only let car doors make noise but also make them susceptible to bending and twisting later on

How should you lubricate hinges & locks on car door?

Often times, it might be discovered that the rubber gaskets which seals the car doors, cargo and trunk areas has deteriorated over time and might not even seal well again. By giving them just a light coat of some silicone lubricant will significantly keep them well pliable as well as help to prevent the gaskets from sticking especially during cold weathers which can actually freeze a door shut or even damage the entire seal when you open the car door.

With the current day remote unlocking and locking feature being obviously universal now on all modern vehicles, access to the car areas and passenger cabin now seldom requires a car key at all. Meaning that the old-fashioned car’s exterior locks are much seldom, that’s if ever used at all and are even more neglected now than ever before. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of newer vehicles are now featuring only one exterior lock which is usually located on the driver’s door only.

In these modern cars, if the remote control ever gets crunk out and a driver is being forced to use a car key, the lock on the car might be already frozen and very difficult to turn, especially the driver is using a small backup key that is usually hidden in most modern car remotes. And things will even get worse if the car key gets broken-off or bent in the process. If such ever happens, an entirely new problem will be created.

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  Auto FYI - Greasing your Car Doors

Drivers and car owners should note that most mechanics and auto expert would advise against the use of WD-40 – a certain rust preventer and degreaser that many people often confuse as a fix-it-all lubricant – on locks and hinges just because it does not really have a lasting effect and it attracts dirt too.

By squirting lithium grease (like aerosol and not thick goop) or silicone lubricant into the window’s side tracks, you can easily rejuvenate the window’s rubber, lessen the time it normally takes to lower or raise it, and also reduce the existing wear on the window’s electric motor especially for power windows.

To sum up

It is really bad to see most Nigerian car owners and drivers just completely ignore their squeaking/groaning car doors when it so easy to fix and avoid further complications. If you notice that the hinges of any of your car doors are dry and making disturbing noises, don’t hesitate to get the appropriate lubricant and apply it. It’s not “Rocket Science”, fix it!

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Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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