How to diagnose and fix low oil pressure problems in your car

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Your vehicle comes with a warning sign on your dash gauge informing you if there is any drop in the oil pressure below required level needed by your engine.

Having low oil pressure in your car is not simply the end of the world. There are simple fixes you can do to resolve the issue. Your vehicle comes with a warning sign on your dash gauge informing you if there is any drop in the oil pressure below the required level. Neglecting this problem will add more to the issue and eventually impair your engine. This is why on, it is quite important you are sensitive to the level of oil in the car engine.

Reasons for low oil pressure in your car

Oil is an essential and required fluid in your car engine. It lubricates some components of the engine, keeping your engine in good shape. Absence or low supply of oil will cause the engine to overheat as a result of friction taking place among the components.


There is a warning sign on the gauge that indicates low oil pressure in your car

When the quantity of oil is not sufficient

When the amount of oil in the engine has dropped below the required level, there is a high tendency to bring about the problem of low oi pressure.

Oil leakage can also occur via the supply path and that is why it is important to check the level of your oil and if there is crack along the supply path. The important lesson here is making sure you replace the faulty component and always fill your engine with quality engine oil.

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When your oil filter is dirty

When there is a deposit of dirt in the oil filter, it creates problems when the oil is flowing. This is because the oil has to pass through the pump, bearings, and oil galley correspondingly. When dirt continues to deposit in the oil filter, it will eventually block the supply route and deprive the components of the engine of enough oil. To fix this, buy clean oil and replace the plugged filter.

When the relief valve is spoilt

This may cause low oil pressure in your car when there is no restriction on the amount of oil that goes into the engine. It is, therefore, the work of the relief valve to maintain and regulate the quantity of the oil that is being supplied into the engine. It does this by making sure the oil pressure is stabilized. When the valve is worn out or leaking, it makes the oil to gain access to the engine without any form of restriction.

When the rod bearing is worn out

Worn out rod bearing is a common problem you can have with your car when you have been using the car over a long period of time.

The basic function of the rod bearing is to sufficiently maintain the oil pressure required by the engine. When the bearing is worn out or faulty, it brings too much noise from the engine and the oil pressure drops significantly. (Bear in mind: These can result from other components in your engine such as lifter bores, camshaft, etc. too)

The protracted issues will lead to excessive clearance in the engine. To rectify this problem, you need to fix the affected components and replace them when needed.

When the oil viscosity is high

This is not a common problem with your oil pressure level in your car. But it doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Where there is thickness in the texture of the oil as a result of cold season, as against the texture of regular oil used by your car engine, the flow of such oil will drastically and inhibit the building up of required pressure of oil to the engine. The best solution is to always purchase and use oil of lower viscosity. This you can acquire from trusted auto shops.

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Finally, after trying these tips for different low oil pressure issues in your car and the problem is still there, kindly take your car to an auto mechanic shop for repair.

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