How to troubleshoot low idling problem in Mazda cars


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If you own a Mazda car, experiencing the idling problem shouldn't come as a shock to you especially when you are at stop signs or traffic light. See how to fix the problem here!

If you are using a Mazda product, there is a possibility that you might experience the low idling problem, making it feeling like stalling especially when at traffic lights. It is advisable you find a solution to this problem and stop being the kind of car owner that revs car engine at stop signs.


Mazda cars are often confronted with low idling problems

Many Mazda owners have shared their experiences with this idle problem and surely, there is a solution that could pull you out of this mess in case you find yourself in one. The first thing you need to do is to inspect the diagnostic trouble codes, which are usually stored. This code will help you highlight the possible causes.

How to identify idle problems in Mazda cars

For this issue, there are few possible reasons. The very first one is if there is a vacuum leak. You need to take a look at the vacuum line and ensure those lines are connected properly and in solid shape. You should also inspect the PCV lines and hose too. Additionally, inspect the large air intake hose to see if the air flow meter and manifold are having any crack or leak. They are always difficult to spot when cracked in the valleys, which is popular.

When the EGR control is permitting the vacuum to access the EGR valve or if the EGR valve is open and stuck at the same, you would need to unplug the vacuum line from the valve. When you observe smoothening out in its idle, it means there is a problem with the control of EGR valve.

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Locating the stored diagnostic trouble codes and finding vacuum leak should be your first action

If that is not the case, tap the EGR and check whether it shuts. You can push the diaphragm manually up and down to look out for any difference by reaching under the EGR valve. Sometimes, it might be required of you to take the EGR valve off completely to have a better look at it.

When the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) is bad, it directs non-useful signal to the computer and get the mixture of fuel lean out.

Other causes could be leaking, inoperative or clogged fuel injectors. Listening to every injector in case they click is one smart way to go about it. When the sounding click is dull, it shows a totally or partially clogged fuel injector. Get to an auto store and purchase the noid light to see clearly if the electrical circuit is in good shape. You can also take measurement of the resistance of the injectors, which should be 13.8 ohm at 68 Fahrenheit approximately.

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How I fixed Mazda 3 rough idle / missfire

When the fuel pressure is weak, it could also be a tangible reason for idling problem. Use the gauge for fuel pressure to inspect this. There could also be a stuck measurement core of the AFM. We also have the measuring core for loaded-spring, which is attached to the potentiometer, moving prior to incoming volume of air. You should also clean the BAC/IACV when it is bad or stuck. When you do this, you should be free of idle problems in your Mazda.

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