Lexus car maintenance habit every Lexus owner must know


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Lexus is synonymous with luxury and comfort. Here are the top 10 tips for your Lexus car maintenance habit which can keep your car in top condition!

Naijauto and teeming Lexus’ followers know that the name Lexus is synonymous with Luxury. This means you can always count on its performance to  deliver on the promised comfort. This, however, can only happen if the maintenance required is given.

According to the manufacturers of Lexus (Toyota), it is necessary to carry out scheduled maintenance after 8,000 km, 24,000 km and 48,000 km to keep it going and performing for longer.

Nevertheless, this Lexus car maintenance habit will go a long way to give you the assurance needed with a Lexus vehicle.

1. Cooling system: Key function in a hot environment!

This is an important component of the luxury offering of the Lexus, especially in this hot environment. You do not want to be caught up in traffic without a functioning cooling system. Hence, you need to carry out the flushing of the cooling system and also change the coolant at least once a year.

Maintain a ratio 1:1 of water and coolant to give a perfect cooling system. This also helps remove rusts and debris that might be blocking the cooling system.

2. Proper cleaning – keeps it top-notch!

A well cleaned and detailed interior and exterior preserves the life of car parts as well as giving the car a high resale value when the time comes. The importance of proper cleaning cannot be overemphasized since it makes sure that debris, stains, rusts, and dirt that can impact the vehicle negatively is removed. A powerful vacuum cleaner could come in handy with this procedure.


Cleaning your Lexus properly and regularly can increase your car's resale value!

3. Waxing – a luxury touch?

Waxing gives the car a glowing and good appearance, and it does even more by ensuring that the paint below the layer of wax is protected and lasts longer than one which is not waxed. That's why waxing twice a year is recommended as a minimum.


Waxing ensures your car paint stays fresh and glowing for longer!

4. Shading is a must in Nigeria

Yes! Shading your car from the elements of the sun, heat, and UV ensures that the damaging effects of these elements are not felt by your car. You should always find a shaded place to park whenever possible, and also try to apply some UV protectant on your car

5. On-time belts replacement

The uninterrupted workings of the engine depending on the integrity of some belts. Wear and tear are some of the impacts of years of use under various weathers on the belts. If not properly maintained, these belts can result in some costly damage in the engine.

The solution to this is preventive rather than corrective maintenance, which will ensure that belts are replaced every 35,000km.

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6. Oils – No missing it!

Oiling is perhaps the important maintenance operations carried out in every car, and the Lexus is also no exception. The oil should be checked regularly for gauge and health. Never ignore the oil level in your Lexus at any given time as doing so can lead to a catastrophe.


Never miss the period for oiling your engine. It will save you of engine failure!

7. Transmission fluid for perfect operation

At the heart of power management for your Lexus is the transmission, which manages the amount of power available to your vehicle per time. You need to make sure your transmission fluids are regularly changed within service periods, with the right transmission fluid that has the right viscosity (thickness).

8. Where else needs lubrication and greasing, drivelines?

Yes! Those drivelines including elements like U-joints need to be properly lubricated regularly. This process might require that you remove the driveline to ensure access to components like the Zerk grease fittings.

9. Take care of your wheels well well

You’ll need to have your wheel bearings checked regularly to avoid wheel issues while on the road. This should be done at recommended periods, with cleaning and coupling back. This is less expensive than replacing parts like wheel hubs and spindles when they’re damaged for lack of care.

10. Effective stops while driving – essential!

Your braking system is another essential part that needs to be cared for. With the brake fluids being susceptible to things like hygroscopic processes, which attracts moisture that causes rusting damages to your brake system. Bleeding the brake system and replacing the brake fluids should be performed every 3-year minimum. This will make sure you do not break your bank account to replace damaged sensors, hoses, and calipers for your Lexus.


Replacing a brake system can be pretty expensive, good brake maintenance will save you money!

Final Take!

Naijauto hopes you’ll follow these maintenance rotes to ensure that your Lexus remains in perfect conditions. Never forget to take your Lexus to certified auto workshops immediately there is an anomaly that you can’t diagnose by yourself. This will prevent further damage to your vehicle while you also get the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Segun Ogunbiyi

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