Major issues with Nissan cars their owners may encounter sooner or later


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Nigerians love different makers of cars and Nissan is definitely one of them. In this article we would highlight some of the major issues with Nissan cars their owners may encounter. Check them out below!

Most times when we buy cars we never think of what issues may arise or what could go wrong in the first drive or a week after getting the car. Nigerians love different makers of cars and Nissan is one of them. In this article, Naijauto would highlight some of the major issues with Nissan cars people might face. Note that these issues are not bound to happen, they are just things that may and may not happen as some issues are based on the usage and the owners of the cars.

1. Nissan transmissions are being destroyed

The 2005-2010 Nissan SUVs and trucks are being affected and the issue is from their radiators. The coolant is leaking which is making it mix with transmission fluid through the cooler lines to create something that damages everything around it without repair. The 2005-2010 Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra has been labeled as models to avoid so as not to experience such.


The transmission of Nissan is being destroyed

Due to this issue, Nissan extended their radiator assembly warranty from 3 years to 8 years so as to handle the situation.

There are some warning signs of transmission failure to look out for if you have one of the models that could be affected;

  • Heavy vibration while shifting
  • Heavy vibration while accelerating
  • Abrupt stalling
  • Shuddering Noises
  • Car would not warm up when sitting

Some owners have also said even if they catch it early, the transmission is still going to get destroyed.

2. Altima Projector Headlights

Some users of Altima have complained about the headlights saying it is not really providing enough to light up the road ahead. Some of the owners that complained have the 2013, 2014 and 2015 models. The projector headlights which are usually a bulb placed inside a projector bowl. The bowl reflects the light of the bulb towards a magnified projector lens which then sends the focused beam unto the road.


The headlights of Nissan Altima are dim and are not bright enough when driving in darkness

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3. The Versa Coil Springs

The 2007-2011 Versa was the one facing this issue whereby the coil springs were fracturing and popping tires. Lots of owners complained before over 218,000 Nissan Versa cars were recalled due to the issue.

One of the owners that experienced the issue said the “passenger-side coil spring fractured while traveling at 65 mph and caused a sudden tyre failure by cutting the inner sidewall 360 degrees.”

Nissan blamed the issue on “insufficient anti-corrosion coating” by their spring supplier.


The coil springs were fracturing and popping tires

4. Rusted floorboards

The issue of rusted floorboards can happen to any car or model, but when it becomes rampant then it is a cause for concern. The Altima models between the years 2002 and 2006 has had this experience over and over again.

The reason for this has been attributed to the concave shape of this model, allowing moisture to gather without a proper way to leave. Due to the carpet on the floorboard, most owners don’t know of what is happening underneath until it is too late and the damage has been done. Imagine going to check something in your car and then realizing you would need work done on your floorboard.


Floorboards get rusted due to trapped moisture

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5. Sunroof Explodes

Sun roofs are important parts of a car, and you will hardly find a car without a sunroof. That being said, imagine having your sunroof exploding on you which would not only give you great concern but also eat into your finances.

Most of the reports have been about larger sunroofs, and one of such is Nissan’s panoramic sunroof. The normal glass is heavy, but Nissan has decided to go for thinner glass. The sunroof glass is tempered just like the side and rear windows. Tempering is a process of rapid heating and cooling that strengthens the glass. This is done so that if it breaks it doesn’t have much of a life-ending shatter.

Some of the models that owners have complained of such situation is the;

  • Nissan Altima 2010-2014
  • Nissan Maxima 2010
  • Nissan Murano 2011-2014
  • Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2014
  • Nissan Rogue 2012- 2013
  • Nissan Sentra 2012


Some of Nissan car sunroof  explode

6. Unreliable fuel gauge

Some Nissan owners have experienced this which has made then doubt their gauge once in a while. Imagine not knowing when to get fuel just because your gauge might not be giving you the right information or you might need to get fuel but be considering driving for another couple of kilometers only for the car to stop.

The major reason for this misinformation is with the resistors in a circuit of the sender unit. So, the sender unit has a gauge inside the fuel tank that updates the gauge on your dashboard. There is a float in the tank and it is mounted to a variable resistor. Based on that level of the float, the dashboard gets electrical current to tell you the fuel gauge. When there is an electrical problem in the resistor, it will send the wrong amount of current to the dashboard which will in turn give the driver wrong information.


Inconsistent fuel gauge may occur sometimes

The owners have complained about lots of issues with Nissan cars from unreliable fuel gauge to sunroof explosions. For a current user of Nissan or someone thinking of getting one very soon, these are the issues you are likely to face. Hopefully these would help inform your decision when you are about to get your Nissan, and you can also prevent these issues in your current car if you already have one. Another way you can avoid these issues is to stay away from the models that maye experience these issues.

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