Most important car fluids you need to look out for


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Not every oil that comes from a big barrel is good enough for your car engine. Check out the most important fluids you need to look out for in your car!

You keep your car in perfect shape when you know the perfect maintenance habit that suits your type of car. However while enjoying driving or extending the mileage of your car, there are some fluids you need to keep your eyes on. These fluids are key to the optimal performance of the engine and their absence in the engine, could lead to severe problems. It is not shocking to us that Nigerian car owners rarely read their car manual or even read online reviews, in order to have a proper grasp of which oil is good enough for the car. This is why Naijauto has taken the troubles for you by informing you on the most important car fluids you need to look out for.

1. Gasoline

This can be quite dicey for car owners in Nigeria as many do not even know the right kind of fuel that should be pumped into the car. The daily routine is accessing a filling station, pay, get your car filled up and drive out of the filling station. The quality of fuel you fill into your car says a lot about the engine performance and longevity of your car. You should know that most cars are being powered by regular gasoline or 87-octane. But some cars, especially sports cars require a higher level of octane that will prevent knocking or detonation of the engine. This why it is higher required you pay attention to the fuel grade recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.


Be wary of the kind of fuel you fill into your car. Not all fuel is good for the engine!

2. Oil

Oil is one fluid that is quite accessible to many drivers in Nigeria. Look at every street corner, you see people selling all sort of oil. Some of these oils do not possess the required viscosity for your car. Not every oil that comes from the barrel is good for your car. We understand it can be really confusing especially considering the varieties of oil in the market. The performance of the engine is usually based on oil pressure, which is adapted in modern vehicles. When you put wrong oil inside your car engine, it reduces its fuel efficiency or even causes power loss.

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3. Coolant

The uniqueness of every car’s coolant is based on the automaker’s choice of metal used in designing the engine and also the heat reduction requirement. Every manufacturer specifies its coolant particularly distinctive colour. To a layman, difference in colour might just look like a tint but you need to know that you can negate or reduce the component of the coolant if you add wrong coolant as a flush or top off.

4. Transmission fluid

The job of the transmission fluid is not only limited to lubrication or reduction of heat, but it also affects the control of gear shifting. The exciting news here is that some newer fluids are designed to last as long as the car but some are meant to be changed or topped off at every interval. When you put wrong transmission fluid, the car might shift harshly or slip even before engaging next gear.


Shifting of gear becomes so easy and smooth when you use quality transmission fluid

5. Power steering fluid

The function of the power steering fluid is to pull and push the power steering system to ease off stress of turning the car. The fluid also plays the role of heat reduction and lubrication of movable parts. The difference here with the fluid is that while some are based on refined oil, some are just mineral-based. There are also some added additives that help with the viscosity. When put in wrong fluid, it might make the steering feel strange or even reduce the lifespan of the components present in the power steering system.

Power Steering Fluid Change QUICK and EASY

For the sake of adhering to these fluids, some car owners have devised means of taking their vehicles to specialist in that brand or trusted auto-mechanic. You should also form a habit of always looking through your car manual for useful and required info on the best fluid for your car.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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