Hyundai Elantra interior care - tips to maintain used Elantra


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A clean cabin is a smart driving habit! It gives your that ambiance and satisfaction money might not buy. Take a look at the tips in maintaining used Hyundai Elantra!

Generally, regardless of the brand or model you own, it is always a smart idea to know how to take proper good care of your car. This will put you safe on the road, extend its lifespan and also make your car desirable in any case you are thinking of reselling. Proper maintenance will also help you avoid unnecessary replacement and ultimately save you from spending thousands of naira on avoidable repairs.

If you own a Hyundai Elantra in Nigeria, it is very much possible you are already thinking on the most effective way of taking care of the interior. Don't be afraid, we got the answer right here for you on Naijauto. All you need to do is pay rapt attention and read through carefully.

1. Hyundai Elantra general maintenance precautions

  • You must avoid caustic solutions such as cosmetic oil and perfume from touching the dashboard as much as possible. This is because their contact on the dash might cause discoloration or damage. Do not panic when they touch the dashboard. All you need to do is wipe them off immediately
  • When you attempting to clean the interior leather products such as the steering wheel, seats and other parts in the cabin with similar material, you should use natural detergent or low alcoholic content solution for effective cleaning. If you commit the mistake of using acid/alkaline detergent or high alcohol content solutions, the leather colour might end up fading off or the surface might get stripped off.

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You need to adhere strictly to the instructions on the recommended cleaning products you are using

2. How to clean the interior of Hyundai Elantra

2.1. Cleaning vinyl interior

To do this, you have to use the whisk broom to loose dirt and remove dust from the vinyl. You can also make use of vacuum cleaner to achieve similar result. Finally, for most effective cleaning of vinyl surfaces, you should make use of a vinyl cleaner.

2.2. Cleaning fabric interior

Similarly, the whisk broom and vacuum cleaner should do the job here on the fabric. They will easily rid the fabric of dust and dirt. After which, you should clean with mild soap solution recommended for carpets or upholstery. You should be able to get this at affordable price from any auto store. Make use of the fabric spot cleaner to immediately remove fresh spot. If you do no give quick attention to the fresh spots, the fabric would be stained and thus affect its colour. The fire resistance quality of the fabric would be reduced if it is not maintained properly.

Note: if you decide to save money and use any cleaner you find around aside the recommended cleaner, you might end up destroying the appearance of the fabric and its fire resistant properties.

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2.3. Cleaning the lap/shoulder belt webbing

For this, you need to get your hand on any of the mild soap solutions, which are recommended for cleaning upholstery or carpet. When used, it would easily clean the belt webbing. You should refrain from self-knowledge and carefully follow the set of instructions provided with the soap. Do not attempt to re-dye or bleach the webbing because you may end up weakening it.

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2.4. Cleaning the interior window glass

When the internal glass surfaces of the vehicle are covered with greasy, oily or waxy film, you should use the glass cleaner to effectively clean them off the glass. Make sure you obediently follow the directions provided on the glass material to rid the surfaces of being fogged.

Note: avoid scratching or scraping the interior of the rear window. You might end up damaging the rear window defroster grid.

Cleaning the interior of any model of the Hyundai Elantra you drive or own is quite simple. You do not necessarily need to give it out. You can perform this cleaning right from your garage if you follow the instructions carefully to achieve a sparkling and safe cabin.

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