Ridiculously simple trick to open your car door with a tennis ball


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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You wouldn't believe how simple it is. Just take a ball with a hole on it and you can open every car door without any key!

First, let us explain the reason why this article exists. Inspired by a movie called The Next Three days ( it is a great one, look it up and give it a try). In this movie, a married couple was separated by an unjust ruling by the court. The wife has to go to jail and the husband sure fought very hard for her not to. Unfortunately, the husband's attempt failed every time and the wife has no other way but to get behind bars. Too desperate, he resorts to the final solution, orchestrating a prison break. 

This is where our story begins. The husband prepares everything carefully so that he could get his wife out. It's notable that this is no super genius you often see in Hollywood's blockbusters, this is just a good man with a good heart. He goes online and learns everything he can find. From the operation of a typical prison to the reaction of the authorities when a prison break case occurs, even the smallest thing like how to pick a lock. It took him months to prepare everything and himself mentally. 


"The next three days" movie poster

At this point, an interesting scene occurs where he uses a tennis ball to open a car lock. A simple solution is yet very useful. And we thought that since we're writers of a car website, we should deliver this miracle tip to our readers.

How to unlock your car with a tennis ball

The trick is very easy to pull off. You just need a regular tennis ball and something to poke a hole on it, maybe a screwdriver or a lighter, just make sure that the hole is not too wide ( or else the pressure will be insufficient). Then you press it against the lock with the tennis ball hole facing the keyhole.

You then apply a force to the tennis ball, as hard as you can manage and you will see that the door will break open after a few attempts, judging by the click sound inside.

The mechanism behind it is that when you push the car key into the hold, all the edges of the key will push against the mini plugs and metal parts inside the key and bring them to the position where there's nothing holding the lock and the frame. The strong airblast from the tennis ball has the same effect.

For vivid illustration, please take a careful look at the instruction video below!

Instructions to unlock car door with a tennis ball by the blondie

Unbelievable, right? Do you intend to try this with your car at home? Don't forget to share the results with us!

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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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