How to make your Benz transmission brand new for free in 5 minutes


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Readers will learn how to reset the transmission of their Mercedes-Benz cars in 5 simple steps.

We would learn a Mercedes-Benz DIY today but you have to promise to not be selfish with the knowledge. This DIY helps your car's transmission reset its shifting points to suit the exact way you drive for better gas mileage.

Transmission Control Unit (TCU) Reset

The ECU (Engine Control Unit/Brainbox) of your Mercedes monitors your driving habit over time so that the TCU can take note of how you drive and adapt the transmission to shift automatically based on how you drive.

For instance, if you race with your Benz car often, the TCU learns that it should take a longer time before upshifting as you drive but if you are a slow city driver, it will change the gears faster. 

The German car brand puts this reset feature on Mercedes-Benz cars because they want them to appeal to younger car buyers.

To prepare your Benz to listen to how you drive so that it can adapt the transmission to your style, you have to follow the following steps.


Step 1:

Insert the key and put it in position 2, this is the position where all the dashboard lights come on but the engine doesn't start. Do not start the car.


Step 2:

Press the gas pedal all the way down for 15 seconds to activate the kick-down switch. Try your best to keep your foot steady as you do this alright? it's just 15 seconds. Enough time to say your name 35 times isn't long.


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Step 3:

Turn the key to position 0 and do not remove the key. Position 0 is the point you switch off the car.

Step 4:

Take your legs off the gas pedal and wait for two minutes. Do not open the door or touch any button on the car. It is best you take a short nap at this stage.


Step 5:

Start up the car and drive the car for 15 minutes the way you would drive the car on a daily basis. Do not perform this process on a rough/bad road that doesn't allow freedom to move as you want except you plan to always drive on this kind of road. 


NOTE: This works for all Benz models with automatic transmissions manufactured after 1995.
You can perform this reset once a month to help your transmission always feel brand new and up to speed.
If you are a car dealer in Nigeria, you should perform this reset on Mercedes-Benz cars you have for sale so that your potential client enjoys the full potential of the car when test driving. Cheers!

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