5 easy and simple DIY ways to make your old car shiny again


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You don't have to empty your account to make your old car look shiny again.

Car owners and drivers who love their car always tries to maintain the car, and also keep it clean and new. Some of the ways they go about are the timely inspection of the car parts, servicing the car and engaging in professional cleaning. Aside from these ways, we have other easy and simple ways you can make your old car look new and all shiny without having to empty your account. Here in this article on Naijauto.com, you’ll be learning how to make your old car look shiny again these simple hacks.


This task requires no sweet but a little of patience

5 easy and simple DIY ways to make your old car look shiny again

Has your car lost its shiny look or full of rust? In our previous article, we introduced  the car cleaning hack: How to do Coca-Cola rust romoval. On the other hand, taking back the shiny look is just an equivalently easy task if you do it in a systematic way. All you need to give your old car a shiny look is some buckets of water, quality car soap, soft spray, microfiber fabric, little patience and following the systematic ways laid down by Naijauto.
Tip: Rinse your car very well first, before using the car soap. This is to remove the dirt that has stuck to the car body so that they don't scratch the car and leave marks when you begin to wash it. Be sure to have two separate buckets for it. One for clean water, the other for soapy water. Here we go!


If the car has rust somewhere or the scratch on the glass, make sure to handle them first

1. Give the car a simple, yet effective wash

Dip the sponge inside the soapy water and start washing the car's body. Mind you, don’t use dish soap. Even the car body of a Toyota that is sturdy can lose its shine when you use dish soap.

Now it's time to rinse off the soapy sponge inside clean water. Repeat the washing process till you've washed the entire body, then rinse the car with plain water. Use the microfiber cloth to dry up the car so that there'll be no spit left. A good wash sees to it that your old car's paint doesn't become older each time you wash your car. You never can tell the type of treatment car wash services might be using on your car which can destroy the body of the car.

2. Pay attention to the wheels and tyres

Your car wheels and tyres also play the role of bringing out your car's shine. You should know this so that you can pay proper attention to them. Get a quality brush and a water-based cleaning spray that's not corrosive. As you brush out the dirt on the wheels, also apply the spray. Then rinse with water very well.


People are often lazy enough not to wash their wheels and tires. They are commiting big mistakes

3. Give special attention to the glass

Note: Before heading for the glass cleaning part, make sure if there is any scratch on it and if you want to do something with it (Read How to remove scratches from a car's windshield)

Making an old car look shiny again entails you knowing the proper and right way a glass should be cleaned. An old car means more attention is going to be given to the glasses. The glasses should be the last part to be cleaned. This is because it will get dirty again by other processes involved in washing the car if you wash the glass first. For the interior, use an ammonia free glass cleaner. As this glass cleaner makes the car shine and looks new, it also preserves the car glasses shine.


Don't ever use dish soap, even Toyota cars lose their shine for it

4. A compressed air blasts out dirt from hidden surfaces

Your floor mat is also an important part of the car which needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The floor mat catches every dirt and debris that comes into your car. Washing the floor mats will be great. However, compressed air works much better. It will blow out dirt from every nook and cranny of the floor surface, making it all new, even those spots you always forget to clean whenever you are washing your car.

5. Apply a car paint sealant

The last hack on our guide on how to give your old car a new shiny look is to apply a car paint sealant on your car. The sealant prolongs the beauty and lifespan of your car's paint. And it's the ultimate when it comes to car protection. Also, check out how to protect your car paint here. When you try this simple hack at home, we hope it will help give your old car the new shiny look you wanted.

Your old car can still look all new and shiny

And don't forget to keep checking out our tips and advice section for more car maintenance tips.

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