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Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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If you own a used RAv4, the method you would use in taking care of it will be slightly different from how you would for a new one. Pay attention to its propeller shaft bolt and change the synthetic oil every 16,000 kilometers.

If you find a used Toyota RAV4 that still has all its compartments intact, great. But for you enjoy all the benefits this popular SUV has to offer, you need to take care of it like your baby. There are certain routine maintenance and changes you need to always carry out without waiting for things to go bad at first.

You won't want all the lights on the dashboard to go red or noises from different areas of the vehicle to notify you of issues before handling them. We know that the same method you would use in taking care of a new vehicle will be slightly different from how you would for one someone had already driven for a while. Therefore, we have decided to help guide you by bringing you essential tips on how to maintain used Toyota RAV4.

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Ensure you take your used Rav4 for routine maintenance every 4 months

1. Change the oil

After every 365 days, endeavour to change the synthetic oil. Though if you drive your used Toyota RAV4 often, you would have to change the synthetic oil like after every 16,000 kilometers (about 10,000 miles). Also endeavour to replace the engine oil and oil filter. There are those who wait till oil gets darker or the filter gets faulty before changing. But doing that after every 20,000 kilometers is a wise decision.

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2. Always check your tyres

After driving your RAV4 SUV for a while, try to always check the tyre pressure to know if it's in the right psi. You should also check the tyre thread, tyre expiration dates and general condition to avoid any accident while on the road. The RAV4 is a compact SUV but many owners use it for moving luggage as much as they like. This has serious effect on the shock absorbers and the wheels. Not to forget the effect potholes on Nigerian roads will have on it. Visit the vulcaniser's shop often and keep a spare handy.

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3. Fix the propeller shaft bolt

The propeller shaft bolt can go bad especially in a used 4-wheel drive. It's always import to re-torque it so it doesn't affect the acceleration of your vehicle. While at it, always check for bolts and bolts on other areas of the Toyota RAV4 to make sure they aren't loose or have already fallen off. Also inspect areas linking the steering to the wheels and the drive shaft boots.

4. Always go for routine car maintenance

You must not be traveling before booking a car servicing appointment. It's important that you take your vehicle to the mechanic after every 24 weeks or if the car has run as much as 5,000 miles (about 8,000 kilometers). This routine servicing makes it easy for you to maintain your used Toyota RAV4. That way when something actually goes bad in the vehicle, you won't be spending that much of a fortune to get it fixed.

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Kennedy Ilediagu

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