How to diagnose shifting problems on Jeep Grand Cherokee


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Anything with time will reveal its faults. An aging car leaves its owner hassles of transmission problems but if' you are a Jeep Grand Cherokee owner, the aging is even more frustrated for more severe problems. Here's how to diagnose shifting problems on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, check out!

The moment there is an increment in the mileage and when the Jeep Grand Cherokee starts aging, the possibility of experiencing shifting issue shoots up. This problem of shifting many at times comes into play when there is coldness in the transmission and engine when you start the car. Though, you would be able to drive the car but it would only work on 1 or 2 gears. At times, you might notice that you could only engage the third gear in the automatic transmission while driving, with the ability to manually shift the transmission by picking the other two gears, making it a neccesity to know how to diagnose shifting problems before futher annoyance gets in the way.

1. The simplest solution might work like a charm

The easiest problem to fix in a transmission is mostly the most obvious reason for it in the first place. Inspect the level of fluid in the transmission and get it back to the recommended level. This is one big step that might proffer quick solution. But this doesn’t apply every time to the Jeep Grand Cherokee since it could be vulnerable to more severe issues. This by implication might get you really angry and frustrated for not getting the root cause of the shifting problem.

2. Diagnosing with OBD 

If you own a model with onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems, you should be able to get the problem through reading from plugging in, the code scanner into the port for diagnosis. Lack of the code reader doesn’t spell the end of the world as there are simple solutions too.


The reason for the shifting problem might not require troubleshooting any code but checking the transmission fluid in the engine

Simple ways of viewing transmission diagnostic flash codes

  1. Activate and deactivate the ignition key for 3 times. After which, you should put the key on activated mode. Activate the overdrive switch from OFF to ON.
  2. Start the counting of flashes shown on the indicator lamp of the Off Overdrive Switch. Through the pause separation, you should get two flashes’ sets. The figures of flashes in every group show the 1st and 2nd number in flash codes.
  3. End of flash code transmission is identified by the code 55.

Interpretation of common transmission diagnostic flash codes

Take a look below for the best interpretation of these codes in your Jeep Grand Cherokee model.

  • Code 11 - No Engine Speed Sensor Signal
  • Code 12 - No Output Shaft Sensor Signal
  • Code 13 - No Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal
  • Code 14 - Governor Pressure Sensor Signal
  • Code 15 - Throttle Position Signal
  • Code 16 - Transmission Temperature Sensor
  • Code 17 - Overdrive Off Switch Circuit
  • Code 18 - System Voltage Out of Limits
  • Code 19 - Standby Voltage Out of Limits
  • Code 21 - Governor Pressure Solenoid Circuit
  • Code 22 - 3-4 Solenoid Circuit
  • Code 23 - Torque Converter Clutch Circuit
  • Code 24 - Overdrive Off Lamp Circuit
  • Code 25 - EEPROM Checksum Error
  • Code 26 - Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Drift
  • Code 55 - End of Message

Jeep grand Cherokee won't shift

Final take

You are not really expected to get behind these issues by yourself but knowing the problem or its cause wouldn't hurt a bit. For further enquiry, you should visit a reliable and trusted auto mechanic.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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