How to cool a car down in this hot Nigeria?


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Nigeria is a very hot country during afternoons and this makes driving with A/C even more stressful. Let's discover how to cool a car down in this article.


Every day when you close from work, you jump into your car for a feeling of relief as you drive back home. Sometimes, the Nigerian weather can just disappoint you with a heatwave that slaps your face so hard as you settle into your car. 

 Also, 50% of drivers you see on the road with broken-down cars in Nigeria is as a result of their cars overheating. 

car-interior-full-of sunlight

A hot car is not somewhere you want to be in

This is why I want to show you how to cool a car down in this hot Nigeria to avoid all the bad things that come with a hot/overheating car.

Even if you park your car in the right way, the sun is always moving throughout the day and it will make your car very hot once it is exposed to the sun in any way.

Fear no more, there are solutions to cool down your car in Nigeria and I would reveal all to you.

How to cool down your car 

1. Fan the interior manually 

There is an old manual method of cooling your car that works all the time. 

Roll down both windows that are on one side of the car then open and close the opposite door about 5 times.


Opening and closing 8 times are enough 

This helps the hot air in your car make its way out through the windows you previously rolled down. You might look weird doing this but remember that is better than sweating while driving. 

2. Switch on the A/C the right way 

I know this is an obvious way to cool your car down but have you been doing it the right way? I doubt.

Start the engine and set the A/C fan level to the highest then if your car has the 'external air option', click it (a button that shows an arrow entering the car).


That is the button that brings air from the outside

The air outside the car will be way cooler than the one inside the car and you should also make sure that all the windows are wound down to the minimum level.

It is better to even start driving so that breeze can rush in because the A/C will need some minutes to wrestle the hot air out of the car. This way will prevent your A/C system from spoiling or developing frequents faults.

3. Start with the lower vents

Set the angle the cool air will come out from to the lower air vents (it has a foot sign).

This is because hot air rises, it is best to make the cool air push the hot air from the lower area of the car gradually so that it can go out from the open windows.


The button that directs the air only from below 

Shut the upper vents (the normal ones at your chest level) so that all the circulation of air is from down to up.

4. When it gets cool you, can roll-up

When you can feel that the air coming out of the air vent is cooler than the air outside the car, you can now roll-up and enjoy your drive. 

5. Recirculate the air 

You can now switch the circulation button of the A/C system to the normal mode and then open up the upper vents for normal operation.

All these processes would normally take 5 minutes and that is a good waiting time to avoid the dangers that come with driving in a hot car.

Health Hazards that come with driving in Hot cars

1. Headache

From my personal experience, I can tell you that driving in a hot car causes a special type of headache. The type of headache that causes eye pain.


Headache while driving kills your focus; can lead to an accident

This headache doesn't stop even when you take drugs as long as you are still driving in the hot car.

2. Catarrh 

Catarrh and running nose is one of the health hazards that driving can cause when your car is hot on the inside. It easily gets triggered once you are in a hot car not just because of the heat but also because hot air makes any funny smell in the car come out as well.

3. Body Odour 

Hot cars ruin the effect of your body spray/perfume and expose you to hard body odour possibility.

I know you don't want all these 3 hazards that a hot car can cause so how do you prevent your car from getting hot in the first place?.

How to prevent your car from getting hot in the first place?

1. Use a windscreen sunshade

Windscreen sunshade helps reduce the number of sun rays that can enter your car when you park it.


This will go a long way in keeping your car cool

You just tuck the sunshade on the windscreen when you park the car and hold it down with the wiper blades.

2. Park away from direct sunlight

Always try to park your car away from sunlight. When I say away from sunlight, I mean that you should park your car under a shade or canopy because the sun moves.


Parking under a tree shade works too

You can only be sure that the sun won't affect your car when you park under a shade.

3. Leave the windows slightly open 

You can roll down your windows by a few centimetres so that the air can circulate around the car especially as the hot air rises. Do not leave the windows down more than very few centimetres so that it is not an easy target for a car thief.

4. Use seat covers

You can use seat covers to protect your seats from sun rays, especially if you drive a car with leather seats. 


If you have leather seats, you should use seat covers

You can also use towels or pieces of clothes to cover your two front seats after you have parked your car.


Now that you have learnt how to cool a car down in this our hot Nigeria, you will have no issues being comfortable in your car and breathing well while driving.

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